Do Scars Grow Hair?

Do Scars Grow Hair?

If you’ve ever had a wound on your scalp, you may wonder how the wound is going to heal and whether or not the scar will grow hair.

There’s good news and bad news…

The bad news is that scar tissue is a lot different than regular skin. Scars are made up of abnormal collagen piled up in one location. Unlike in normal skin, the abnormal collagen isn’t lined up in nice neat ‘sheets’ of tissue. This abnormal tissue also lacks the regular glands found in normal skin… glands that produce oils, glands that make hair, etc. For this reason, scars don’t actually grow hair themselves.

However, hair follicles in the normal skin right next to the scar can give rise to new hair that penetrates and grows through the scar. Because of this, the scar looks like its growing hair. In reality this is hair that is growing through the scar, not actually arising from the scar itself.

There’s more good news… Scientists are now performing scar studies in mice and getting the actual scars to grow hair. They found that stem cells from the surrounding epidermis encourage new hair growth. One protein that stimulates new hair follicles to grow is called KRT17, although the hairs that grow back with this protein are white, not colored.

Stem cell therapy is still a new technology that needs several years to perfect but there certainly appears to be more hope for new treatments in the not-too-distant future.

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  2. I’ve had spinal fusion surgery, so I have an extremely long scare all the way down my back. I was wondering if the scar would ever grow hair. They had to scrape and cut away skin and muscle tissue to get to my spine and I was just curious.

  3. I had a scar on top of head since childhood hair is not growing in scar area since. Please suggest the best way to grow are hair transplantation which is the best method in transplantation of hair..

    • Hi Kirn, there isn’t a way to regrow hair in scar tissue. You could get a consultation for a hair transplant and find out what is the best way to help you.

      • Hi i just had a visit at my dermatologist office and after getting treated for acne i had asked about atrophic scars, she said there was nothing i can do about it, the follicles underneath the scar were most likely dead she said, i was going to back and ask her for suggestions on injections, rogaine i know something was possible and i wasnt going to give up, and after a month i am now growing hair Through the scar, its strange but true, ive been mixing castor oil and vitamin e toghether and applying every night, i went out to target and bought a collagen and biotin shampoon which i leave on for appx 30 minutes before rinsing, and i also bought a derma roller (0.5mm) and roll it over scars lightly, i know thats probably bad but something seems to be working for me, the scars are still there but now i have hair through them which im happy about because i cant wait to go back to my derm and surprise her.

  4. My son had a scar on the back side of head. there is no hair on the scar. can hair can be grown on the scar.


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