How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bite Scars

How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bite Scars

How many scars do you have on your body from pesky mosquitoes? Are they on your arms, legs, face….? Wherever the scars have left their mark, there is hope.

What Happens When Mosquitoes Bite?

When a mosquito bites, it injects an anticoagulant substance into the skin that makes the blood thinner and flow longer without clotting. This way, the mosquito can suck the most amount of blood (sorry, I know that sounds disgusting!) Your skin releases histamine, and an inflammatory reaction begins. That’s why the bite gets red and forms a small bump.

Ironically, it’s the itch of mosquito bites that can end up causing the most collateral damage. Scratching feels good temporarily but adds to the skin trauma. This can lead to “hyperpigmentation,” or dark pigmentation that makes marks and scars more obvious. Scratching can also inject bacteria from underneath your fingernail right into the fresh bite and infect it. An infected mosquito bite can create a worse scar.

How to Get Rid of Mosquito Bite Scars

Aloe vera has been used for centuries as a topical anti-inflammatory agent after skin injury like wounds or burns. It’s soothing as well and can lessen the itch after any insect bite both immediately after the bite occurs and during the healing process.

In terms of fading the scars once they form, use a hypoallergenic scar treatment and apply a skin-friendly sunblock on top.

Using product that is hypoallergenic is important because allergic skin reactions increase inflammation. Inflammation worsens scarring. Remember though, “hypoallergenic” means that the product is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction… it’s not a 100% guarantee that it won’t because people can be allergic to so many different ingredients. Even some “hypoallergenic” products ironically cause a reaction so it’s important to try the product on a small patch of skin first to make sure before applying to multiple areas.

The sunblock is important because repeat sun exposure causes fresh scars to turn dark (hyperpigmentation), which will only make your scars more visible. Worse still, this hyperpigmentation can be permanent in some people.

Use this multi-faceted approach and finally get rid of those mosquito bite scars once and for all. Of course, prevention is always easier than treatment so please use a mosquito repellant whenever you can!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I scratch and scratched at a mosquito bite(s)

    • Hi Elizabeth, definitely use an anti-itch cream like Benadryl and it will help to minimize the itchiness and help to prevent making the bite into a wound that becomes a scar.


  3. I’ve used Bio oil for 3 months, it didn’t get rid of the scars but it just helped the look of the appearance and now I’m going to use Aloe Vera lotion. Fingers cross I hope this time it will get rid of the scars.

    • Hi Bryce, aloe will moisturize your scars, which is definitely important, however to fade them you need to use a product with hyperpigmentation fading ingredients like Licorice Root Extract and Vitamin C. Definitely look into InviCible Scars, which has the aloe you need, silicone, licorice root, Vitamin C and essential fatty acids. Also, be sure to wear sunscreen daily if your scar is exposed to sunlight, as UV rays will darken your scar.

  4. kaylynn says:

    I’ve had bug bites ever since I was a kid and I was always out in the sun a lot. I am really embarassed of it and summer is just around the corner and I want to be able to show off my skin without people looking at me and without feeling embarrassed of my skin because of all these bug bites scars. Will InviCible Scar help it remove or make it less noticeable on my old scars? Please, please help?

  5. Rica San Juan says:

    i have so many dark scars on my legs and arms fir 10 years cause by insect bites .. That why i get embarrassed when i wear shirts and skirts .. Dies invicible canhelp me to get rid of my dark and old scars ?

  6. I have a lot of scars on my legs because of insect bites and they left dark spots everywhere thats why i dont wear shorts outside but its still getting darker. I’ve had this problem for 8 years now will the invicible help the dark spots to fade?

    • Hi Jane, InviCible can help with fading the hyperpigmentation. Although you don’t wear shorts, UV rays can still penetrate the fabric (unless you are wearing UPF clothing) and darken your scars. We reocmmend always applying sunscreen to your scars to further protect them from darkening.

  7. I have many marks I want any home remedy please

  8. Davin Saing says:

    I have scars for the past two years. I used nothing to protect. I want to remove but I don’t know how. InviCible Scars, HELP ME!!!

    • Hi Davin, you can start by always wearing sunscreen SPF 30+ over your scars to further protect them from UV rays. Scars are permanent, and there is no way to remove them (as they are an injury to the skin), however, you can fade them and help to flatten them. If your scars are raised, massage them daily – this helps to break up the fibrous tissue beneath the top layer of skin. Second, to fade them, we highly recommend InviCible Scars.

  9. Where can I purchase InviCible Scars? I Live outside of Atlanta, Ga. I would like to get it for my friend who has scars from mosquito bites growing up in Louisiana.

  10. cassandra says:

    i have a lot of mosquito bites on my legs I scratch them then they turn into scabs I peel them off cause it itches so bad I still wear shorts and dresses cause I really don’t care what other people think but yeah I need help please help me cause I want to have beautiful legs with no scars on them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Cassandra, peeling off scabs only leads to scars, so definitely don’t peel them off and let them fall off on their own. Use hydrocortisone to help stop the feeling of needing to itch the area. Wear sunscreen (SPF 30+) on your legs every time they’ll be exposed to sunlight and apply a scar treatment to fade the discoloration.

  11. I have many scars on my legs.Dark colour.This is due to mosquito biting. It happen s during summer. But end up having marks on my leg.How can I remove. These marks scars on my leg

  12. When I was a kid i use to scratch alot after a mostique bite. And now i have black spots on my legs. Please tell me what shall i do to get rid of those marks.

  13. sandhya Kumar says:

    can inviCible Scars used in children…2 1/2 year olds..

  14. I have a black spot on my legs and they are so many. What’s the remedy for this? It’s summer time and I want to wear shorts

  15. can I get this product in Nigeria?

  16. I scratch and scratch the mosquito bites I was actually scratching it just two minutes ago and lots of people have said that now it will turn to a scar is that true and can I prevent this by home remedies?
    P.S I was bitten by a mosquito two weeks ago and there is still a scar and the new ones are so itchy that I can’t help but scratch them even after washing them and using an anti itch cream . please tell me will these scars go away with time and how can I stop them from being so itchy
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Heba, have you tried ice or even deodorant (yes, it actually works for some!) to stop the itching? Maybe look for an anti-itch cream with both antihistamine and lydocaine. Superficial scratches won’t neccesarily scar, however if you break the skin and create a wound, then that will result in a scar.

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