Jellyfish Scar Treatment and Minimizing Pain

Jellyfish Scar Treatment and Minimizing Pain

We previously wrote about what happens when a jellyfish stings; now we want to tackle what to do about the pain, and subsequently, a jellyfish scar treatment.

Scientists at the University of Hawaii found that a simple supplement, zinc gluconate, inhibited the potassium from escaping the cells because of the venom. In the studies on this, the mice who received it lived longer. The scientists believe that administering zinc could be life saving in human sting victims (1).

At the University of California San Diego Medical Center, researchers working at the Department of Emergency Medicine found that vinegar causes a lot more pain or nematocyst discharge in the majority of species. When the nematodes discharge, more venom enters the body. The nematodes discharge whenever they are touched.

The scientists decided that the best thing to do is remove the nematocysts inside the tentacles, wash the area with saltwater,  and apply topical lidocaine. The only time vinegar was found to be helpful was for a bluebottle (Physalia) jellyfish sting. This type of jellyfish is in the same family as the Portuguese man-of-war. (2)

At the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography in Savannah GA, researchers found that many of the usual ways to treat jellyfish stings (vinegar, ammonia, meat tenderizer, baking soda and urea) did not relieve the pain. However, when lidocaine was sprayed on the skin, the nematocysts didn’t discharge any more venom from the tentacles. (3)

But this won’t necessarily help remove the scar. For the scar, you’ll need to take action with a proven formula that actually lessens and in essence, removes scars. And remember, there’s a period of time when the skin restructures itself after a wound injury of any kind. Thus it’s best not to put the scar removal cream on the wound until a scar actually has formed.

Other Problems with Jellyfish Stings

Did you know that different types of jellyfish stings cause different symptoms? The symptoms may include severe muscle pains especially in the lower back, muscle cramps, agitation, vomiting, and sweating. It’s amazing that a small little jellyfish can cause so much grief. However, it is also true that some jellyfish can grow to the size of 88 pounds (40 kg).  Getting stung by one of them can be quite traumatic!

In Iraq, jellyfish stings are common. Scientists wanted to know how often fishermen were stung by jellyfish and surveyed three Marine stations. Jellyfish had stung 79% of the 150 fishermen, most commonly in hands and arms, followed by legs. Their wounds itched, burned and looked like a red whelp. After a few days, a rash developed that was red, itchy, inflamed and slightly raised from the surface of the skin (4).

In the Netherlands, a 26-year-old woman who had been surfing in Indonesia got a jellyfish sting on her right leg. The sting looked like a maculopapular rash at first (red, inflamed, patchy) and then changed into very red linear tracks a few days later (5).  The report didn’t detail what happened after that.

In one 33-year-old woman stung by a jellyfish in North Carolina, the blisters and itching went away after the 10th day, but still was reddened and slightly rough in texture eight months later (6).

Jellyfish sting scars can last for quite awhile. Use some of the latest technology to remove their emotional and physical sting.

Do you have a scar from a jellyfish sting?

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  1. Brian Smith says:

    I suffered a Portuguese Man=O=War sting on my hand two years ago. I felt the paralysis move up from my right hand up into my jaw, mouth and tongue. It then moved to the left side of my face into my chest and left arm. We raced to the hospital but by the time we got there (40mins) I felt the numbness begin to dissipate. My life threatening symptoms cleared up except the swelling in the palm of my hand. Two and a half years later the there is still a swollen area 1.5″ long by 3/4″ wide. It contains a protective body of water under a thick layer of skin. To this day if I extend my hand fully I experience a flash of pain. On occasion the swollen area will be struck by a sharp object releasing more neurotic peptides causing an incredible amount of pain. I keep hoping one day to wake up to a fully healed hand but I feel like it will never go away.

  2. I was stung whilst swimming in the sea near Es Cana in Ibiza. I have no idea what type of jellyfish it was. I vaguely recall spotting a pinkish coloured quite small jellyfish nearby. I also heard people near the shoreline saying there were jellyfish visible whilst I was in the water. The pain was incredible, really very intense. As though someone had placed a high voltage electric charge into a wound. The worst of it was the pain afterwards. The red individual scar marks remained on my side for almost 12 months. I was amazed there were no adequate warnings. I dread to think what a facial or especially eye injury would be like from one of these stings.All I can see when I read up on that location is inane stuff about vinegar and mild itchiness, not for me it wasn’t I can assure you.

  3. By the way, if anyone could tell me what type of jellyfish inhabit the waters of Es Cana in Ibiza , I would me much obliged.Thanks.

    • Hi Al,
      my friend got stung also at Es Cana in Ibiza, September 2013. She still has pain and the scar gets thick and burns still, after 11 months. We wonder if it will ever heal again. Please contact us, maybe we can help each other. Cheers. ou email: anna.tanzt(at)

  4. I was surfing this past week at Rodanthe NC and I felt my leg get wrapped by something and then followed by a sharp stinging pain. I kicked my leg and shook it of, then when I tried paddling away my right arm got wrapped by whatever this thing was. The pain lasted for about a hour, two at most, but it was followed 2 days later by a rash and itch that resembles poison ivy. This is day 7 and the rash and itch is still there, crazy !. Can anyone tell me what this thing was and how long will this itch and rash last ? My guess is it was either a jellyfish or a man of war. Is this rash and itch common ?

  5. Johnie Ellison says:

    I recently got stung by a small jellyfish at Myrtle Beach, SC on my wrist. It hurt for just a couple minutes and then didn’t really hurt after I put some vinegar on it from the lifeguard. However, it’s been 6 days since I got stung and the mark still has not gone away. It doesn’t hurt, but it does itch every now and then. It looks a little like poison ivy (red and bumpy). How can I help the sting go away? Is there anything I can put on it. Again, it’s been almost a week and it still hasn’t gone away. I’m just hoping that’s normal and that it goes away soon.

  6. I was in waist deep water in Myrtle Beach, SC last week. I felt something wrap around my leg and then an incredibly sharp, burning sensation. I attempted to kick it off with my other foot, and immediately had the sensation down my foot and around my ankle. The lifeguard had vinegar which I immediately applied. It stopped hurting within the hour, and I didn’t seem to have any reaction. It is now day 13 and I still have large, linear marks, a red, puffy patch on my calf, and smaller bumps and linear marks up my foot and around my ankle. They appear to be getting worse. Several times a day they begin itching something terrible! I have tried a hydrocortisone ointment. It seems to be exacerbated when I’m hot, or by certain clothing. I even feel small, sharp pains in it. I keep reading everywhere, but can’t find out what to do, or if I should expect a nasty scar.

    • Hi Brittany, so sorry to hear this! Many jellyfish stings do result in a scar, sometimes due to the type of jellyfish/sting and more often due to constant scratching that results in creating a wound. Definitely have your doctor check out the affected area. As for a scar treatment, we always recommend InviCible Scars:

    • Hey Brittany, I was just in Myrtle Beach last week as well and I got stung by a jellyfish……so I think we probably got stung within a day of each other or the same day….I had no idea they were even in the water. I have the same problem….where I got stung (my calf as well) is so itchy and puffy and slightly red. After reading up I think these results could last for a while…I never had a scar like this….the way its raised in want not. I’m really bummed.

    • Hi Brittany, I too was at Myrtle Beach around that time, I also was stung in the exact same place as you and it sucks! I cant even wear shorts without being grossed out by the red bumps. Anyways mines been itching really bad and what I use to prevent myself from itching it is a heating pad. I just lay it on my calf and it stops the itching for the day but if you don’t have one running it under hot water helps or ice. I used a lot of ice helps numb the itch for a little while then wrap cloth around it so you wont itch it. But like I said before anything hot works!

    • Hey brittany,
      It seems like all of us have experienced a sting in Myrtle Beach! I was there for the same days you were and I have gotten a sting exactaly like you have describedd. I was stung twice on my right leg. It’s been a few weeks and it doesnt seem to have gotten any better. I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work.
      Best of luck

  7. I was stung by a small jellyfish on the wrist yesterday while snorkeling in the Bahamas. I was wearing a silver/metallic watch on my wrist where I was stung. I think the silver attracted the jellyfish. It was strange because I was snorkeling an old plane wreck. I started feeling a sensation on my wrist that felt like when you touch your tongue to a 9v battery. I thought maybe the metal of the plane wreck was doing something weird with my watch. Upon further inspection and removing my watch I had 3 quarter sized welts that looked like large mosquito bites. The pain isn’t as bad today, but is still painful like the 9v battery to the tongue or when your foot falls asleep. It’s tingly and feels almost like electricity. It only really hurt badly for a day.

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