Why Does My Scar Look Bumpy?

Why Does My Scar Look Bumpy?

Scars that are three dimensional can be even more upsetting than the ones that lie flat on the skin. No one wants unsightly bumps and imperfections. However, it is important to know about your bumpy scars so that you can get the right kind of treatment for them. Raised scars are called hypertrophic scars; they are caused by an excess growth of collagen over the injured area. Collagen is a natural protein that occurs around elastic tissue, like skin, but when too much of it grows—especially when it grows in different directions—it can cause an unsightly scar.

Hypertrophic scars are particularly common on areas of the skin that are tightest—and in the places that people want them least! This said, choose a product that has a stable form of vitamin C and essential fatty acids (like safflower seed oil) to encourage growth of healthy collagen during scar healing and improve the elasticity of your skin. Offering your skin the nutrients it needs to heal will mean that your scars will be less bumpy as they finish healing.

Surgical wounds are a huge cause of hypertrophic scars because the wound is deep and the healing process is very slow. Knowing this, you should prepare to help the skin heal as soon as possible. The earlier that you can start treating a scar, the better your outcome will be. Again, you will want to use gels with vitamin C and fatty acids to aid your skin, but silicone gels and silicone sheeting are also great tools for healing and shrinking scars. However, be sure that you buy silicone products that are safe and healthy for your body’s recovery. Dimethicone silicone is a tested and proven route.

Above all, speak with a health representative about the healthiest and most effective ways to decrease and prevent raised scars. Once you have found the product best suited for your scar, just continue to apply it as directed and remember to have patience as your scar heals. Stress is not good for skin!

Have you noticed your scar looking bumpy in appearance?

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  2. Jody wells says:

    I have had a back operation in 2014 so have quite a busy g scare on my lower back now I have just started running and it has seemed to have got lumpy is there any worry with this.!!!

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