3 Simple Summer Fitness Ideas

3 Simple Summer Fitness Ideas

As the weather is heating up, outdoor exercise is a great idea to not only enjoy some summer weather, but to promote better scar healing. Depending on the humidity of the day, there are a few exercises that can get you going towards a fulfilling fitness routine. These three simple summer fitness routines do not need high quality equipment or any specialized training in order to maximize the most benefits.

Try these this summer:

1. Swimming
If you are not afraid of the water and enjoy a bit of a splash once in a while to cool off, combining this activity with a simple fitness routine is smart. Try doing a few laps throughout the pool to build up your cardio training or try running back and forth to build resistance. Pool exercises are a great way to fit in a workout and stay cool at the same time.

2. Biking
You do not need to necessarily be in a premiere location to enjoy this simple exercise. Although, it will be important to wear the proper gear such as a helmet, proper shoes and so on. Whether you take the scenic route through the local park or swap driving your car for cycling to run some errands, it can make for a healthy workout. If you are planning on biking through streets where cars may be, it is of course, important to be aware of traffic signs and follow proper traffic laws.

3. Walking or Jogging
Walking and jogging may be one of the simpliest exercise alternatives. Switch up your routine and fitness level by walking stairs at the park, change it up with locations that have an incline or simply walk a flat surface.

As always, be sure to wear broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ when outdoors. It’s especially important for your scar, and if SPF clothing is possible, even better.

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