3 Ways to Get Zinc into Your Diet

3 Ways to Get Zinc into Your Diet

The healthy human body is a fusion of metabolic processes delivering energy to limbs and the brain. We need to process certain minerals and metallic compounds to keep that process moving along at peak efficiency. Zinc is one of the more crucial elements in that miraculous organic process, aiding in supporting a healthy immune system,which promotes scar healing, and ensuring every part of the body is sound, and bursting with energy.

Here are three naturally occurring sources of zinc to check out:

1. Pumpkin Seeds

The World Health Organization is one of many branches of science quick to recommend the pumpkin seeds for maximizing zinc intake. While the shell doesn’t contain significant amounts of zinc, unshelled bags of pumpkin seeds provide an excellent source of the mineral, protecting the immune system and enhancing protein synthesis.

2. Garlic

Found across a wide spectrum of world cuisine, in pasta and salad, pizza and meat dishes, the pungent garlic bulb is host to many healthy minerals. The high amount of zinc in the bulb aids in improving liver function, combining with the antioxidant properties of garlic to promote a healthier metabolism, detoxing the body. Garlic is a powerful addition to a zinc specific diet as well as a tasty treat in any meal.

3. The Virtues of Meat

The above choices come more from a vegan or vegetarian emphasized dietary perspective, but meat has to be a consideration in adding a zinc rich food, especially since pork, beef, salmon and other animal products have high concentrations of the mineral in every bite. Of course, practice awareness of portions when consuming meat. Health is the goal here, and we don’t wish to compromise that target by greedily devouring chunks of meat full of cholesterol and nasty fat.

As with most other minerals, the easiest and best way to deliver zinc into a healthy diet is to turn to naturally occurring sources and organic food full of nutrients. A salad or sandwich filled with lean cuts of meat and pumpkin seed is one option, or a pasta cooked in extra-virgin olive oil and plenty of onions, scallions and tasty garlic.

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