5 Acne Myths

5 Acne Myths

Now that adolescence is behind you, do you believe acne is as well? Or that skipping sunscreen and letting your skin soak up those UV rays will help conceal the appearance of your acne, or even help heal it?

The truth is that these and other myths about acne are widely believed, and anecdotal evidence only helps them thrive. The problem is that when you have acne, you know how important it is to get rid of it and to heal and fade acne scars left behind – but if you follow incorrect advice, you will only make your problem worse. Begin taking steps to improve your skin by learning the truth about these five acne myths.

1. Acne only happens to teenagers.
Teenagers certainly do deal with more than their fair share of acne, but some people get acne for the first time as adults of 20, 30, or even older.

2. You have acne because your face is dirty.
The truth is that if you take regular showers, your face is no dirtier than anyone else’s, nor is it dirtier than any other part of your body that is washed daily. Blackheads, despite being dark in color, are not caused by dirt. The fact is that acne is a complex condition and it cannot always be pinned down to a direct cause.

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3. Tanning can make acne go away.
Tanning is never a good idea, but it can be especially problematic if you have acne. That’s because while you may think your skin looks better in the short term with a tan, those UV rays are actually drying out your skin and ultimately exacerbating your acne, as well as any scars your acne may cause.

4. Acne is not affected by what you eat.
Almost all of your body’s systems as well as your overall health are directly impacted by what you eat. While acne may sometimes have a genetic component, it has also been directly linked to dairy intake. Research is ongoing, of course, and other foods may eventually be implicated as well. In the meantime, it’s probably a good idea to ask your doctor about the wisdom of limiting dairy products in your diet in order to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

5. Acne will eventually go away on its own.
Most often, it won’t. There is a reason why you have acne; that reason needs to be discovered and treated in order to make a significant difference in your acne. Ignoring your acne and doing nothing may simply make it worse. Getting serious about finding an effective acne remedy and a product that will fade any scarring is your best bet for clearing up your skin – fast, and for good.

Often people try home remedies or simple, natural cures. Certainly, some of these have value and some skin protective properties. However, most of these types of treatments deliver limited results at best (i.e. lemon juice to fade acne scars), and are far more effective when combined with a proven, safe product like dimethicone silicone gel and Vitamin C.

Are there any acne myths you have questions about?

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