Can You Get Rid of an Indented Scar?

Can You Get Rid of an Indented Scar?

Although scarring is a natural and necessary phase of healing, this process sometimes leaves indentations, puckering, or pockmarking where the tissue below the skin has been damaged or lost. These are called atrophic scars, most commonly caused by acne, injury, and surgery. Although some level of scarring may be permanent, there are safe topical treatments available to help restore this underlying tissue and smooth the surface of the skin to reduce the appearance of scars. These treatments include a blend of vitamins and nutrients that have demonstrated a significant clinical benefit to skin healing and scar reduction.

Scars and Skin Form Differently

Scar tissue is built from the same collagen protein as normal skin, but the fibers are arranged differently. Where natural skin is a somewhat randomly assorted matrix, which allows sweat glands and hair follicles to form, scar tissue fibers are arranged in strong, though less flexible, parallel layers that do not allow for sweat glands or hair follicles.

When skin is damaged by injury, surgery, or acne, the skin layers are forcibly separated. Once the interference is removed or resolved, the skin immediately begins to generate new cells, adding fibers of collagen in roughly diagonal rows. Many factors affect the speed of this process, as well as what kind of scar eventually forms.

Minimizing Scars as they Heal

While the scar is forming, the layers of skin that come together may not align properly if the wound moves too much, or the skin becomes too dry or too damp. Therefore, during the healing process, it is important to both immobilize the area to maintain proper alignment, and to ensure that the skin along the edges does not dry out or become too moist.

Using a properly formulated scar treatment, such as InviCible Scars, as directed during the healing process helps to maintain proper elasticity while also feeding the skin vitamins and nutrients that are essential for healing.

InviCible Advanced Scar Therapy includes vitamin C, licorice, and aloe vera to completely heal the area, and restore elasticity and skin tone, as well as silicone and essential fatty acids to reduce skin pocking and indentation.

For years, vitamin E was used topically as well, but this has recently been discouraged by dermatology experts as it can cause skin irritation. Other ingredients to avoid include hydroquinone, Kojic acid, and anything with fragrance or preservatives.

Reducing Scars after Healing

Skin and scar tissue continually regenerates and replaces cell layers throughout our lives. Though this process is more gradual than the initial healing, it does mean that the appearance of scars can be altered even after they have fully formed. If given the proper tools, the body will continue to heal and repair old scars.

InviCible Advanced Scar Therapy comes highly recommended by doctors who treat skin disease, such as acne, or perform surgery. Regular application of our nutrient-rich product helps to drive the healing process and reduces the appearance of scars and uneven skin tone.

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  2. I have been using your product for a couple of months on a scar on my face from spider bite. It is much better, but there is a small indented area like a line, still. The injury occurred in June. Do you think if I continue with this it can help to raise the sunken area still?

    • Hi Sheri, there isn’t a topical treatment that can raise an indent (that is an under-production of collagen during healing.) There are some things you can have done, like micro-needling and dermabrasion that can help to create micro-injuries (sounds worse than it is) that then stimulate the body to produce collagen to the indented area. Thank you for using InviCible Scars and feel free to contact our customer service if you have any other questions!

  3. Reently i used retin a which peeled off my skin from cheeks area . After that i discontinued the use of retin a but still now a very light scar is visible on that region of my cheeks area and is more visible in more lighting and day light. What should i do to again heal that skin?? Help please

    • Hi Mayank, use a scar treatment with stable vitamin C for about 12 weeks, in addition, since the scarring is on your face, you should also be wearing sunscreen regularly to protect it from further darkening.

  4. I still have indented on my face from having the shingles will they ever go away?

  5. Will this work on scars that have been indented for about 4 years

    • Hi Amanda, there isn’t a topical cream that works on indentation. However, there are non-surgical options like dermabrasion and micro-needling that can help. Links to them are in the post.

  6. I have a scar on my cheek that is as big as a quarter and is indented I had a zit that turned into a scar I used salt to heal it but I was using a washcloth with saltwater and ripped the scab off not this indent won’t go away. It looks like a white hole on my cheek. Help me plz

  7. I have an indention scar on my cheek from a scrapping a Dr. did in a bearly seen skin colored mole I’m scarred it’s been about a month ..he is doing laser treatme t but it’s still there will it ever go away ??

  8. I have a scar from a spider in the middle of my forehead. It’s about as big as the nail on your small finger and has made an awful dent. I’ve had it since July this year. I’ve been using this vitamin C scar gel but it doesn’t seem to be fading. Will it ever go away? If so, how long?

    • How long have you been using the gel, how often have you been applying it, is it a stable form of vitamin c in the gel and are you pairing it with sunscreen to protect it from further sun damage?

  9. Henry Modrich says:

    I have indented scars from acne and there are like a lot of little pit holes nearby each other on my face. Is there anyway to heal these naturally and is there any study that if I dint treat it and make sure I have good cleaning regime on my face (faceeashing, moisturizer faily) that my indented scars will heal naturally. I am 18 and I’m really scared for treating it like laser or something .. I am very depressed and sometime i hate myself so much that I dint want to go out..

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