Does Lemon Juice Fade Acne Scars?

Does Lemon Juice Fade Acne Scars?

Lemon juice is known for its bleaching properties. And if you’re someone who likes to use nature’s remedies, you may have wondered whether or not you could use lemon juice to fade acne scars.

If you’ve been searching online for how to fade acne scars, you probably already found websites that included testimonials from people who tried lemon juice for this purpose. Does it work? If so, how would it work? Is it the best solution? Is lemon juice good for anything else?

Lemon juice and other citrus fruits are full of all types of medicinally active substances. Besides vitamin C, citrus fruits contain limonene, alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), hesperidin, quercetin, naringenin, and others.  And these components are quite active when it comes to the application on skin.

In one Chinese study, a citrus extract was found to be beneficial for a red scar. The scientists determined that the extract worked on the scar by preventing extra cell growth in the scar and degrading the collagen buildup of the scar.

The essential oil of lemon allows vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin A to penetrate the skin better for healing, according to Italian researchers. They also found anti-inflammatory actions in skin from citrus fruits. This is potentially good for acne scars.

When citrus extracts were examined for their flavonoid content, scientists found that a flavonoid called hesperetin protected the skin against damage from the sun and the accumulation of melanin pigments.  Another good thing about citrus for the skin.

And Florida researchers found that a citrus blend was able to fade the reddish purple marks called senile purpura by 50%. The lemon and other citrus oils and compounds lived up to its reports as a bleaching agent.  Japanese researchers have used citrus fruits in skin whitening cosmetics for quite awhile.

All these are great effects, but you still have to think of the bottom line for your acne scars. Lessening scars is good but it’s not complete enough for the healing. You do want total healing of the scars, right? For the complete healing, there’s nothing as effective as dimethicone. Scientists and doctors agree on this one fact.

Have you tried lemon juice on your acne scars?

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  2. Carmela delmo says:

    I have some old scars because of pimples and stay dark spot in my face…lemon juice can help to removing some marks on my face. Pls help me

    • Hi Carmela, lemon juice will only help to lighten the scar slightly, but won’t flatten and keep it moisturized. Scars require a higher dose of Vitamin C to do any significant lightening of the scar. Additionally, since the acne scars are on your face, if you did not use sunscreen daily, UV rays could have played a role in potentially permanently darkening them. Going forward, give InviCible Scars a try and use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ daily to prevent further damage.

  3. RoxanneG3 says:

    I used invicible scars and i’m really happy with its results

  4. loveness says:

    I had herpes still struggling with pain on my right syde around the eye
    I waz left with dark marks ..and wat can I use to get rid of this


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