How to Get Rid of Chicken Pox Scars

How to Get Rid of Chicken Pox Scars

Today’s kids will more than likely go their entire lives without having to worry about the scars left behind by chicken pox. However, for those who grew up before the vaccination or for those who have opted not to vaccinate their children, chicken pox scars are relatively common.

While they are not harmful and can in fact be easily concealed, they can still be problematic, especially if they appear on areas such as the face, shoulders, arms, or legs. Another issue with chicken pox scars is that since they have been there since childhood, they can be much more difficult to remove, as the best time period for getting rid of or fading any scar is during or immediately following the healing process.

Another of the more challenging aspects of treating chicken pox scars is the fact that though they often do not leave any discoloration behind, they can – and usually do – leave behind some form of pitting. This is the same type of pitting that you may notice with scars related to acne. Chicken pox scars and acne scars are in fact very similar, the major difference being that acne scars are more easily avoidable and more easily treated as they occur when you are an adult and you know how to properly care for blemishes even as they are healing to minimize scarring. Additionally, micro-needling may be beneficial to chicken pox scars on your face.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get rid of pitting through home remedies or treatments. Dermal fillers can be administered in order to reduce the appearance of this type of pitting, but be advised that it is only temporary and will not offer you a permanent solution to this problem. Microdermabrasion can be successful in minimizing the appearance of pitting in many cases, though it likely will not be able to get rid of these types of chicken pox scars completely.

Chicken pox scars will generally have no discoloration, though in some cases they can be much lighter than your natural skin tone. If you do find yourself with darker colored scars from chicken pox, they can be faded through the use of a stable form of Vitamin C . Just remember to apply it with care in sensitive areas such as the face. A scar treamtment that contains licorice root extract, such as InviCible Scars, is another product to fade scars that could work wonders.

Just be realistic when you are looking to get rid of chicken pox scars. If you have had them for many years, your chances of getting rid of them completely are reduced significantly. If you get chicken pox as an adult or your child gets chicken pox and you are looking to reduce their chances at scarring, remember to use proper care with these spots to ensure that these spots heal quickly and do not leave a mark. Keep your skin moisturized, do not scratch or pick at these spots, and take care to help them heal properly.

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  1. The information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please speak to your doctor to treat any medical condition. Information on this site is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.
  2. I am 45 and i suffered a severe bout of chicken pox leaving me with lot of scars on my face, neck, chest, and back. It is exactly 2 months now since it started. I have been using sandalwood paste mixed with milk on my face and the scar colors seem to fade but the scars have not faded yet. I have been using this remedy for the past 3 plus weeks. When will the scars vanish? Do i need to follow any other treatment to make the scars vanish? Please advise.

    • Hi Venky, facial scars also require daily use of sunscreen to prevent UV rays from further darkening them. Chicken Pox scars can be very similar to the way acne scars appear and we’d advise to search our blog for tackling acne scars. For example, dermabrasion may help your Chicken Pox scars, but a scar treatment like InviCible Scars may also help as well.

    • dear venky,
      you will get tired but chicken pox scars and pits will not go.the only way is subcission and fillers and outer peels. i am also facing the same problem and tried home remedies a lot but in vain.

  3. I have a small round hole on my forehead due to chickenpox that I had in my childhood.that hole is in the centre of my forehead and looks I am 23.can in fill or reduce it? Pleez help?

  4. Dear sir.
    I am 22 I have chicken pox scars on my forehead & nose but it’s not that much deep but now am looking uncomfortable due to that can u plz suggest what’s the advanced technology for reducing that chicken pox spots? Plz suggest

  5. Hello..m a college going girl n I have lots of scars on my face n chest caused by chicken pox…I HD suffered it in std 3rd…the scars are yet there on my face and it looks really very ugly..will u please recommend some home remedies and products that would help me in totally removing it as fast as can….

    • Hello, sorry to hear this. First, it takes time to fade scars, there is no quick-fix miracle solution. Start by wearing sunscreen SPF30+ on your face everyday, even in the cold months. UV light can darken your scars. Second, be sure you are eating a healthy, vitamin-rich diet, as this helps the body heal better. Third, we’d recommend InviCible Scars to help fade your facial scars with Vitamin C and licorice root extract.

  6. Low-Self-Confidence says:

    Hi! I experienced chicken pox when I was grade 5 and it leave a scars on my legs and that’s the reason I didn’t wear shorts or even dresses. It lower my self-confidence. Also this past few weeks, I experienced insect bites and it leave scars on my right arm, there’s a dark spots and I cannot remove it. I was really upset with this one. What should I do to remove these scars. Need your advice. It really lower my self-confidence. :'(

  7. Lavanya says:

    Hi..I am Lavanya..n my age is 21..I recently got chicken pox a week ago…the boils are drying now…can you tell me how can I prevent my self frm scars…as I got water boils all over my face

  8. Hi, Im having chicken pox now. I accidentally popped some of the blisters when i was asleep. Will this lead to deep pitted scars? If yes, can you suggest me the best way to remove that. Im 23 yrs old.

  9. I had my chicken pox for 2 weeks and the scars arent fading yet… I tried putting lemon juice on it and it worked a little bit and I was wondering if Petrolium Jelly would help the dark spots left from the chicken pox lighten?

  10. Angel Nikka says:

    h! I am a 15 yrs old girl who is still suffering from chicken pox…. what kind of home remedies can prevent me from having scars because a scratched many blister and making my darkspots gone?

    • Hi Angel, we can’t really recommend any home remedies, since everyone’s skin is different. Ask your mom or dad to apply hydrocortisone to your chicken pox blisters and scabs to help decrease the itchy feeling. Try your best not to scratch at them, it really is your best defense to prevent scarring.

  11. Hello I am currently of age 15 I caught chicken pox at the age of 12. There are still some chicken pox scars on my face and there are many spots on my body. Can you please help me to remove them many scars are small but i would like to make them completely fade away. I am considering Fraxel laser treatment contractbutex gel and invicible scars. Will they really remove my scars.

    • Hi KM, scars will never be removed 100% with any treatment, however they can be minimized substantially. Have you also considered dermabrasion or microneedling? These types of cosmetic treatments help with pitted scars like chicken pox scars, in addition to InviCible Scars.

  12. I am 24..I have one chicken fox scar in my forehead… It very annoying me..pls give me situation.

  13. Hi,
    I had chickenpox about 2 weeks ago, i have this deep scar on my face, can i remove it or will it stay there forever?

  14. fashionista says:

    i suffered from chicken pox in this november i am a ninth standard girl and now its january and still the chicken pox scars haven’t gone i have been using calamine lotion to reduce my scars but they are still there. i want to get rid of them as soon as possible please suggest…..
    is there no way chicken pox scars can be healed fast without under going ALL THOSE LASER TREATMENTS PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE IAM IN GREAT VAIN…..

  15. Hi, I posted before but seems to have been removed 🙁 I have a 5 year old who had a chicken pox on the end of the nose and the scab was accidentally knocked off leaving a smallish but red indentation. Is there anything i can use to help? Is it likely for it to sort itself out why my child is still young? Thanks

  16. hi, i am 14, girl. i had chicken pox 2 years ago and the scars are still there honestly it really looks ugly and many a times i even chicken out for wearing dresses because my legs(especially the lower half) are dotted with brownish marks ,they are like small circles and it is really annoying. then i have two more marks which are like lumps from within even though they are healed. they are liks sacs, rock like sacs, what exactly is it and how can i remove them and the scars considering i am young and my skin is still growing

  17. Hi,I am 14 ,girl. I had chicken pox at the age of 7 years,and it had left some scars on my face…specially a hole on my forehead and that too in the centre, it looks really very weird. Will the scars get removed??

  18. hi there i’m yen,already 20..i have a chicken fox scar on my legs up to down there,its been 5 yrs. But its still visible.,how can it be vanished by home remedies?,is there a chance that at the age of 25 its still there?

    • Hi Yen, pitted scars are difficult to treat and there is no known home remedy that can fix it. You may want to consider speaking to a dermatologist who may have some non-invasive options for you.

  19. Hi… I’m 19yrs old. I had chickenpox 1month ago. I hav few scars on my face and neck and they look really ugly. I have been using lemon juice and honey for almost 3weeks. Not a remarkable change. Can u suggest me a way to remove them?

    • Hi Simran, lemon juice does not remove scars and honey just moisturizes. Depending on how deep your scars are, micro-needling or dermabrasion may be able to help you. You’d have to make an appt with a dermatologist for these types of treatments.

  20. I had chicken pox 1 month ago but it leaves me shallow red marks how can i get rid of those?

  21. hi my kids jus got chickenpox one is 3+ n second child age is 1+ they have got so many boils on their face n as they r kids they scrached many of them m worried about scars plz recomend me something good n quick to recover it. I live in Pakistan so recomend me a cream or anything i can find here easily

  22. Hey,i am 18+ and still Suffering frm chickenpox from last 7 days.and still blisters are there.however the goodnews is that they have started the thing i am worried for is that till what time i,ll get my normal skin back,or i,ll get some scar.i haven,t scratched since i am a young colledge guy,looks matter for am i going to show those marks to my frnds? And what should i do to nt loose my confidence.will i look bad and my g.f leave me ?? 🙁

    • Hi Aarav, sorry to hear this. For chicken pox scars, if you do have any that are indented, you may want to speak to a dermatologist who can discuss with you some options. There aren’t any topical creams that can help to replace the lost collagen for these types of scars.

  23. Estecious says:

    Hae am 22years old…its 9yrs now sinc i had chiken pox..i hav dark marks allover my body including my face,this has lowered my self can i get rid of these marks.please help

    • Hi Estecious, for the dark marks you will want to use a Vitamin C treatment and apply it regularly for several months. Going forward, you’re going to need to wear sunscreen regularly or else it will just re-darken the spots.

  24. hi, I am 14, and I had chicken pox last year,
    most of my scars are on my stomach but I have one on my neck that is like a lump,
    I would like to have it gone sometime, it doesn’t really bother me, but if I don’t get rid of it now I might never,
    any suggestions?

    • Hi Anailuj, depending on where this lump is, it could very well be a swollen lymph node or it could be hardened scar tissue. Please ask your mom or dad to have a dr. check it out.

  25. consuela says:

    Hey i had chicken pox 5 yrs ago nd hav many faded scars but there are many scars on my butt area that dont seem to go away..what should i do?? Also i have cellulite.

  26. Kate Ashley says:

    Hi, i am 12 and i had chicken pox a month ago, may specifically i forgot the exact date. I suffer chicken pox for 2 weeks. My chicken pox are big and many, that it fill all of my body. Legs, shoulders, neck, chest&tummy part, back, under arms, face and even private part. I’ve done everything just to remove this marks. Lotion, Cebo de Macho (a Philippine cream that lessen/remove/lighten new scar), and even baking soda dropped with fresh calamansi/lemon extract. And the problem is the scars are still here as in all of my body are covered with this dark scars. The another problem is our school classes and my shoulder are full of this dark scars. My self confidence is being lost because of this. Like when i go outside the house i always wear long sleeves, pants/pajamas/leggings just to hide this scars..

    • Hi Kate, sorry to hear this. Lotion, lemon extract, calamari, baking soda, etc. – none of these things fade the dark scars associated with the chicken pox. To fade the discoloration you need a stable form of Vitamin C and you must wear sunscreen over these dark spots to protect them from further darkening. If these scars also also indented, you can ask your parents to make an appt with a dermatologist who can discuss some non-invasive treatments to help with this.

  27. Hello, I am babita at the age of 21. On my childhood I had a marks of chicken pox on my face and I do not take any medical treatment for it. But nowadays, it increases in number on my face. There is a solution for this problem

  28. Hai, I am college going girl ..I got chicken pox in my 8th leave a scar in my breast …
    I want to know weather​ it normal or cancerous in future

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