Getting the Most Out of Your Scar Treatment

Getting the Most Out of Your Scar Treatment

Finding a great scar treatment product is only half the battle. If only it were as simple as applying a gel and watching your scar vanish! The truth is that the effectiveness of any product depends partly on how you use it and many of the choices you make during treatment. You want your scar as minimally visible as possible, so be sure to follow these tips to maximize your results.

1. Choose the right product. You want a product you can trust to be safe and effective, one that does not contain any harmful ingredients or unnecessary chemicals. Look for a scar treatment with dimethicone silicone, a stable form of Vitamin C, aloe vera, licorice extract, and other ingredients that have been proven to heal scars without damaging your health.

2. Use the product consistently. Of all the things you should be doing, this is probably the most important. It is far too common for people to begin using a product and then get busy, distracted, or even discouraged if their results aren’t fast and dramatic. This can lead to using the product sporadically or stopping its use altogether before treatment is complete, which will not yield the best possible results. Use the product at least twice a day for at least 12 weeks. You may notice improvements within the first couple of weeks, but the scar will continue to improve for up to several months.

3. Apply the product first. That means under any moisturizer, sunscreen, or makeup. In order for the product to be effective, it must be applied directly to the skin. After applying, be sure to wait for it to dry before applying cosmetics or other products.

4. Boost your results with a healthy diet. Vitamin C isn’t only effective in a scar cream and applied to the skin; it also offers great scar-healing benefits when eaten, so get plenty of citrus fruits, broccoli, peppers, and other foods rich in vitamin C. Protein will help your body make the most of collagen; zinc and vitamin B both work to help your skin heal faster; Vitamin A is great for tissue synthesis.

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5. Avoid the sun. Even brief exposure can lead to darkening of your scar, and this change can be permanent. Especially during the first six months, when scars are still forming and changing, be sure to wear an SPF 30 sunblock, or keep the scar covered with clothing.

6. Get plenty of exercise. Exercise offers many heart and overall health benefits, improves your mood, gives you more energy, and helps you sleep better. But exercise also helps your scar heal faster! That’s because exercise improves your circulation, meaning that more oxygen-rich blood is transported to the site of your healing scar, and oxygen is key in optimal healing. If your scar is the result of a surgical incision, you may not feel much like exercise at first, but do as much as you can (and as much as your doctor gives the green light on). Even a short daily walk will go a long way to help with healing.

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  2. Blessing p says:

    The scar I have on the left side of my tommy, left hand and on my two lap.. I obviously can see it fading with years about 19years ago but I really want it off totally. Is surgery an option or can you suggest a perticular cream. From Nigeria

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