How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Scars?

How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Scars?

Healing is a series of steps on a very long journey, but the destination proves worthwhile when scars eventually fade. Individuals hoping to minimize (or even eliminate) the appearance of hypertrophic, atrophic, and other types of scars should understand how their bodies react to each stage of the process.

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The Inflammatory Phase

Healing begins with the inflammatory phase. A cut to the skin triggers a sudden dilation of blood vessels, which allows enzyme-rich fluids to rush to the wound. These fluids attack damaged tissue, breaking it down to eliminate bacteria, erythema, and broken collagen fibers.

The Proliferation Phase

To combat the amount of nutrients lost from inflammation the body increases its collagen production. This creates a new network of tissue. However, all too often this network proves excessive, with protein chains layering against each other. This raises the skin and forms a scar.

Epithelialization Phase

Skin serves as a barrier against infections. However, newly formed scars are structurally weaker than traditional tissue. Lipid bilayers appear infuse the skin surface with moisture, sealing scar sites against free radicals.

Maturation Phase

Scar tissue eventually begins to mature. Surrounding blood vessels shrink back to normal size, collagen production decreases, and hydration levels settle. The wound closes completely and bonds with the tissue. Eventually, the scarring begins to fade.

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How Long do These Phases Take?

Scars are unique – and so is the healing process. Each phase demands an individualized amount of time to reach completion. In general, however, patients can expect:

  •  Inflammatory Phase: 1 to 3 days.
  • Proliferation Phase: 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Epithelialization Phase: 1 to 2 days.
  • Maturation Phase: 1 – 2 years.

Impacting Factors

The healing process is, unfortunately, fickle. A variety of factors impact its effectiveness:


Certain elements, such as metabolism, oxygenation rates, and enzyme levels, are inherited. Genetic precursors play pivotal roles in the overall speed and efficiency of healing.


Dietary choices directly impact healing. Patients suffering from low Vitamin A (which promotes balanced cell growth), Vitamin C (which promotes anti-oxidation), or Zinc (which promotes enzyme production) often experience slow healing.


Younger skin is more prone to abnormal and exaggerated healing. This can lead to hypertrophic or keloid scars. Older skin takes longer to recover. These factors affect the body and its ability to heal, keeping scars from fading and potentially increasing their appearances.

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Each patient is different – shaped by specific genetic traits, dietary choices, and their age. Because of this, it remains impossible to definitely chart a scar’s healing process.  However, most can expect the process to take about a year.

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  2. Thanks!

  3. I have a lump in my breast that I believe is scar tissue. Will the pathologist be able to tell the difference between cancer and scar tissue?

  4. I have a recent road accident where I drove my car fast and fell. That time my face got slight abrasion. It shows discoloration .. could you please let me know how long will it take to heal. It’s almost 35 days since I met with this accident. Your help is appreciated

    • Hi Hakki, sorry to hear about your accident. Are you applying any ointments or scar treatment to help aid in the healing? 35 days isn’t necessarily long enough for complete healing to occur.

  5. I’m 15 and I burned my forehead with tea tree oil trying to get rid of a pimple and now I have this big scar in the middle of my forehead
    I’ve been putting sunscreen and vitamin E oil on it and occasionally some aleo Vera gel from the plant and lemon to lighten it
    How long do you think it’ll take to heal?

  6. I had an injury on my nose and a surture was done leaving an inflated and pronounced scar, I wish to know if the inflation would one day reduce or if the scar can likely disappear

  7. I’m 12. I have this scar in my forehead I got from crashing into some sharp metal on a bed when I was 4. It’s quite old, so will it work to get rid of it still? If it will, then how long will it take?

    • Hi Amy, yes scars can be faded even if they are older. It just may take some time since you could’ve done some damage to your skin during those 8 years (e.g. not always wearing sunscreen on your forehead, not eating healthy, etc.) We recommend our scar treatment, InviCible Scars. Apply it 2x daily under all of your skin care. (It’s safe to wear under makeup and works much like a primer.) Do this for 12 weeks. Also wear sunscreen as UV rays darken scars (and they won’t fade like a normal tan.)

  8. Hey,I fell from my bike and i had to have surture on my knee,its kind of deep but is there gonna be a scar there?

  9. Hi , I have big black scar on face because i heard a remedy about putting toothpaste on your pimples that It would fade away,so i tried it and ended having a big round scar on my face size of a pinky finger print, I’m not sure what to do but I’m trying coconut oil
    how long will it take to heal ?

  10. Hi myself chanchal I met a road accident and my total body is damaged by scratched and I m worried about my face scar it look so bad how much time it would take to heal it’s 30 days have passed so it will heal or not and should I take something to heal that scar.

    • Hi Chanchal, sorry to hear about your accident. It takes 1-2 years for scars to heal and you have a good chance of really making a difference in the way a scar heals when it is new. It not only involves using a good scar treatment, but also regarding your diet (eat lots of fruits and veggies), exercising, and how you initially care for the wound.

  11. Had a bike accident, received some minor abrassions on face. Been nearly a month but the skin is hyperpigmented on the site of abrassion. How much more time will it take to heal? is hydoproquinolone and tretinoin combination helpful? Plz do reply

  12. Hi, I got a scar on my face. It was happened by pet dog bites. It’s 17 days have passed. How long it will take to get rid of my scar.

  13. Saanvi Adusumalli says:

    I have a small pimple scar on my face and I am very young how long to heal

  14. I have old scars from when I was about 5 but they haven’t faded I have used all different home remedies but not working at has anyone got any ideas on what I can use on them and burns aswell. Thanks

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