How to Fade Shingles Scars

How to Fade Shingles Scars

Shingles is an incredibly painful illness that results in a severe rash, characterized by the eruption of lesions across the skin. These initial lesions, which themselves last for a bare minimum of three to five days, leave behind crusting and scabs that can last for several weeks. If you’ve had chicken pox before, your risk of getting the shingles virus is greater. Often, even after the scabs left by shingles have begun to heal, the individual is left with red scarring. Since shingles is spread over such a wide area of the body, this scarring can be distressing to the individual who has them. Fortunately, there are things that you can do in order to help speed along the process of fading shingles scars and helping your skin return to a healthy appearance.

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The first step in fading shingles scars is to properly care for them during the healing process. Keeping skin properly moisturized is essential during this process, so you should be sure to use the proper moisturizers on the affected area. Choose products that contain EFAs, dimethicone silicone, and aloe in order to see the best results.

Immediately following an attack of shingles, it is difficult to tell just how much the skin will scar, or how extensive the scarring will be. This is why it is so important to begin treatment as early as possible – some individuals may scar much more extensively than expected with shingles, while other people who have seemingly more severe attacks may find that the eventual scarring is much less severe than it was initially assumed it would be.

Of course, if you treat your skin during the healing process (and ensure that it is not subjected to additional damage, such as by picking at healing skin) then you have a much stronger likelihood of a quicker and easier recovery. Otherwise, healing from shingles may take up to a year, and some shingles scarring may be permanent.

Shingles scars tend to be a deep red, or sometimes even purple in color. Often the scars lay more or less flat against the skin, though some people who have suffered through shingles will end up with raised scars, or even pitting. Though there is not much that you can do to diminish this particular effect of shingles scarring, you can fade the redness of these scars with the appropriate medicinal products. Should you get shingles on your face, be sure to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30+ to prevent permanent darkening of the scar and follow our guideline for how to conceal face scars.

There are plenty of at-home remedies that people will claim can fade shingles scars, but remember – the best topical treatments to fade scars, and the only ones that will not potentially cause further damage, are silicone and certain natural products such as Vitamin C and licorice root extract. Use products that contain these ingredients on the scar on a regular basis, and observe the scar over several weeks to see if the discoloration begins to diminish. While shingles can be painful, and can lead to unsightly scars on the skin, there are options for those who are looking to treat this problem. Never hesitate to begin treating your skin right away to prevent possible damage and scars.

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  1. The information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please speak to your doctor to treat any medical condition. Information on this site is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.
  2. I’m 13 and i’ve had shingles for the second time now, the first time my shingles appeared under my chest, i went to a doctor and he gave me all my medications and all but i’ve got this huge scar under my chest which seems to look like a darker spot there, then after a year or so i got shingles on my face, right next to my nose. I went to the doctor again and got my medication and all but the scar wont fade away. What should i do? Please help me. 🙁

    • Hi Kenda, we’re so sorry to hear this! For each shingles scar, can you give us more detail on how you tried to treat it? Most scars take 1-2 years to fully fade/minimize, but it requires the right treatment approach and product. Let us know and we’ll be happy to help you.

    • Hi Kenda,

      I’ve had shingles on one side of my face and neck a while ago and was hospitalized for about a week to treat it and getting it under control so it doesn’t spread. But through the healing process which was most painful because of the itchiness plus the neuralgia. However, with all those pains I was going through I was always looking at my face in the mirror and the agony of thinking how am I going to face the world with the scars afterward. While I was hospitalized I looked up on skin care remedies for shingles and chicken pox scars, I came about an interesting blog that suggested when all the blisters are dried that you can actually cooked Quaker Oatmeal to a medium to soft stage, let it cool in fridge, then clean your scarred areas with the cool Oatmeal by rubbing it directly on the scarred areas for about 15-20 minutes per day to minimize and eventually ridding the scars completely. I stuck to this regiment for as long as I could and now my face is completely normal as if I had no scars or anything. Also, when cleansing with the cool Oatmeal it really helps the itching and neuralgia or any other sensation on the scarred areas too. I know this is a late reply but I hope anyone who is going through these problems may find it helpful as it did for me.

      • Great to hear you’re doing well! Thanks for sharing this!

      • Tampa john says

        Thanks Kendall

        Unfortunately I am going through the same situation. I will try the oatmeal approach. I have a question. How much time did it take for you to see the results are we along weeks or months?

      • Is the oatmeal mentioned the same as porridge oats/ and do I cook the same as porridge?

      • Sir, i currently have shingles but I wasnt admitted in the hospital. The pain and itchiness is killing me just now and its been a week and one day to be exact .. does that oatmeal regiment help too during the process of healing or its just applicable after it heals ?

      • Hi!
        I had shingles this year by June and I was pregnant back then so I took my meds from the doctor…the issue here are the shingles scars that they don’t want to fade away but then I have tried Snel gel but couldn’t work it out so what do u recommend it for me and where can I get it since I am in South Africa( KwazuluNatal – Durban)… thanks in advance.

      • How many days I need use this treatment

      • Thank you for sharing👌

    • Hey do my skin supposed to come off when I have shingles

    • Madelene Legge says

      I had shingles 3 wks and was treated but the virus is gone and i still have the scabby sores. When will the sores drop off?

  3. Vivian W. Overall says

    I have red and some brown spots on my face from shingles. I keep it washed and moisturized but it won’t go away. It has been six weeks now and I am hopeful to see a change. Will lemon juice still help make a difference? Please advise. Thank you

    • Hi Vivian, lemon juice may give you a temporary fading of your scars, however citrus causes photosensitivity, which can become a whole other issue for your scars. Keeping the area moisturized is important, however it only part of the factors needed to fade and minimize the scars. To completely heal a scar you need to wear sunscreen (SPF 30) every single day, even on cloudy days and even in winter. UV rays will permanently darken a scar: You need to keep it moisturized (dimethicone silicone works best for this because scar tissue is different from normal tissue.) You also need to use something that includes ingredients that are proven safe to fade scars and dark spots (like licorice root and Vitamin C – may we suggest InviCible Scars?) Lastly, it can take a full 1-2 years for a scar to completely heal. While it may look healed on the outside, your body is still working on it from the inside. If you have further questions, please let us know, we’re happy to help!

      • what product do you recommend that contain licorice root and Vitamin C , and does invincible is enough to lighten and heal the dark scars caused from shingles?and do you know anybody who’ve seen improvement after using it for shingles scars?

  4. Milly Charles says

    I just got shingles for the second time, not as painful as the 1st time but it spread just the same & now am left with this nasty scar all the way from the front to the back of my body…is there a particular cream you would recommend that would actually work, I found myself trying different products the 1st time that did not work.

    • Hi Milly, have you tried InviCible Scars? Additionally, some things you can do to help your scars are to massage them daily (this helps break up the fibrous bands and softens them), and use sunscreen daily on any exposed scars (UV rays can permanently darken them.) It takes a full 1-2 years for scars to completely mature, so using a treatment for this amount of time is important for the final look of the scar.

  5. I had shingles that got infected a couple months ago. Now I have huge pits on my face. Is there anything besides plastic surgery to fix them? Perhaps a needle of silicone to inflate the pits back up.

    • Hi Cornelius, Injecting free silicone into the skin is a very bad idea and is associated with horrendous complications. Don’t do it. We recommend that you set up a plastic surgery consult to address the issue.

  6. Hi I got the shingles, well its healing now and its on my left side along the waist line and some on my butt cheak. I noticed i had like 4 or 5 bumps on me on Nov. 22nd of this year and then it kept spreading from there. I went and told my doctor and my doctor told me what I had. She sent the medicine for it at my nearest pharmacist and I’ve been taking them. And the medicine is gone because I took them all on the following days and times I was suppose to take them. But anyway like I said its healing and scabbing up and itches really bad. and its a habit, but its hard not to and i hope i didnt cause too much damage but I’ve been picking and accidentally scratching the scabs off and they’re still itching so I’m guessing either they’re still healing or what. But I don’t want to leave permanent damage and scarring. So how do I get rid of the scars? Or do I still have to wait? And it still itches now.

    • Hi Christian, itching can be part of the healing. I know it’s difficult, but do not scratch at the scabs or you will be prolonging healing, as well as setting yourself up for a potentially nasty scar. Any anti-itch cream may help you, if you haven’t tried it yet. Once your skin has healed (i.e. no more scabbing), begin using a scar treatment like InviCible Scars to minimize the scar’s final appearance.

      • Hi im 29 years old.. And ive had shingles… Its been almost two years now… But the scars wont go away…they are dark …and im light in skin… Im from south africa… Can you please recommend on which cream should i use… And please tell me where can i get that cream to remove this bad scars.. Around my waist

  7. I got a shingle on my face about a week ago. It has erupted and is now scabbing which I understand is completely normal and expected.
    my only concern is that I am afraid that as the scabbing forms the scar that is bright red is raising and hardening.
    my biggest concern is that it is going to remain raised.
    is there anything you can recommend I do to minimize this or to apply in the healing stage that can prevent this?
    I’m having a little panic attack as it is right under my eye and extremely obvious.



  8. I got the shingles about two weeks ago. I got it on my right arm and some on my upper back. My back is healing but my arm I picked one spot and I feel it might get infected. what can I do to prevent it. For my scaring what can I do to at least to get smaller or gone. Anything that would help because I have a 4 month that I haven’t seen because of the shingles.
    Thank you

    • Hi Savannah, definitely don’t pick at your shingles blisters as it will give you further scarring. While your skin is beginning to heal in this area, your skin will get itchy. Use an anti-itch cream to help minimize this. If you feel the site may get infected, use an anti-bacterial gel. If it gets worse, be sure to make an appointment with your doctor. As far as scarring goes, once the scabs have fallen off begin using InviCible Scars 2x per day and massage the area as you put on the scar cream for up to 2 minutes each time. Massaging the scars will help break up the fibrous bands under your skin so that you won’t have a raised scar. Here’s more info on softening scar tissue:

  9. Hi,
    I had shingles on the right side of my face 3 months back. It has left 4 pitted scars. I know not much can be done about that but it has dark brown discolouration. This is bothering me a lot. Can you tell me if this can be faded and how long Will it take for the hyperpigmentation to go away.

  10. Hi! My shingles just started 4 days ago. When do i start putting moisturizers to prevent the scars?

    • Hi Gen, while you have shingles it is important to use a cream like hydrocortisone to help decrease the desire to itch the affected area. Once the blistering and scabbing have stopped, use a scar treatment like InviCible Scars, which has aloe and essential fatty acids to moisturize, as well as scar fading ingredients like Vitamin C and Licorice Root Extract. If your shingles are on an area of your body that is exposed to sunlight, be sure to also wear sunscreen daily to prevent further darkening of your scars.

  11. Hi I had shingles a good few months ago from my left side of my neck down to the top bit of my shoulder and the scabbing has cleared up but the scars are still there can u please give me an idea of what to use or how to get rid of the scars please
    Thank u

    • Hi Janelle, use InviCible Scars and be sure to massage the scars daily (this helps to break up the fiberous bands of tissue under the skin and softens them.) Since these scars are on your shoulder, in the Spring/Summer when it may be exposed to sunlight, be sure to wear sunscreen daily to prevent further darkening of your scars.

  12. Hi I just been diagnosed with shingles on my left thigh and buttocks and small patch going downwards my leg. I have taken few pictures as the days go by. It started off light red, my doctors started me on antibiotics for 3days now. Rash looks purple now. Does it means it’s healing up? I don’t have any pus sacks just looks like parts of my skin is raised up. What can I do to help dry up the rash and begin the healing?

    • Hi Marybelle, Shingles lasts for approx 4-6 weeks. You don’t want to dry up the rash like you would poison ivy. Apply hydrocortisone to help decrease the itchiness. Once you have the all clear from your dr., begin applying a scar treatment to any of the areas that were scabbed and scratched off to help decrease the appearance of any scars.

  13. Hi,
    I’m just healing from shingles that broke out about 3 weeks ago. It’s healing and in the scarring process. It’s just really red and noticeable under my brow and in between my brows. It doesn’t hurt anymore but since it was bad I wasn’t able to tweeze my brows. (I know, girl problems.) Is there a certain time period to NOT have my eye brows waxed? Would it be okay to get them waxed not that there isn’t any open sores or should I wait a bit longer? I’m just curious if it will hurt the healing/scarring process if I wax my eye brows. Thanks!

    • Hi Ariana, we recommend waiting a bit longer. The area needs to be completely healed to minimize risk of more skin trauma and scarring. While on the surface your skin may appear almost healed, under the skin it is still undergoing all the phases of the healing process.

  14. I had shingles 8 weeks ago and they healed and now I have some pimples with no puss. How do I treat this. Its not itchy or painful

  15. I`m just healing from shingles 3weeks back but still there is pain inside how can l stop the pain and what can l use for the scares

    • Hi m, for scars, once the blistering and scabbing has stopped, we’d recommend InviCible Scars. For the pain inside, it takes about 4-6 weeks (sometimes longer) for the pain to subside. If it has been longer than this amount of time, we’d recommend that you speak with your doctor.

  16. Hello my name is Arthur in 22 yrs old, and this past month I’ve had shingles of the eye it was very painful, I got scare on my forehead that went away but the only scar I have left is between my eye brows 4 dots. I’ve been putting neosporin and cocoa butter and the ointment that the dr gave me, does it take a while or do I need the right ointment to take it away??

    • Hi Arthur, neosporin is an antibacterial to prevent infection to a wound. Cocoa butter will simply keep the area hydrated. You need something that will help fade the scar that contain ingredients like Vitamin C and licorice root extract, as well as wearing sunscreen regularly to prevent further darkening from the sun.

  17. Hi 🙂
    i got shingle 2 years ago on my neck and had a very ugly scar, the scars had a white color that it looks like a white fungal spot,

  18. I’m not sure if I have shingle marks but at first the tiny marks were red and itchy, then the itchiness went away and now I’m left with these light to dark brown spots. How do I get rid of the brown spots? Would using products with vitamin C and licorice root extract help?

    • Hi Anna, it’s possible it was dermatitis/eczema. To fade the brown spots, Vitamin C and licorice root extract (both of which are in InviCible Scars) will fade them, but you also need to always wear sunscreen on them as well, since UV rays can darken them.

  19. hi,i recovered from shingles about 2 months ago but the scars wont fade away and they are a bit itchy , the shingles spread from my left side of my stomach to my back,will they ever go?and can it occur a second time ?and is it normal that the scars hurt sometimes without touching them ?

    • Shingles can occur more than once unfortunately. For the itchiness, apply hydrocortisone. It’s possible for them to hurt for a little while post-recovery, as Shingles affects the nerve endings. If you are unsure if your Shingles have gone away completely, be sure to speak with your doctor. As for fading them, once the scabbing has subsided, apply a scar cream 2-3 times daily and if going outdoors (beach/pool, etc.) where the area would be exposed to the sun, also apply broad spectrum sunscreen SPF 30+ to protect them from further darkening. (UV rays darken scar tissue.)

  20. kertran5 says

    I had shingles 2 years ago while i was pregnant with my 3rd child. I didn’t know it was shingles for several days. My OB gave me an antiviral. I didn’t use any topical cream since I was pregnant. I have a patch of scars on my thigh. One really big, raised red scar. Normally they are covered except when I wear shorts or swimsuit. Is there any hope that they’ll fade? Do topical cream still work 2 years later? They bother me more now than they did when they first healed (couldn’t really see them with my big belly in the way).

    • Hello, when you wear shorts or a swimsuit be sure you have sunscreen SPF 30+ applied regularly to avoid darkening the scars from the sun. Scars can fade 2 years later when a scar treatment is applied consistently for about 3 months, and sunscreen is used before, during and after treatment.

  21. Hi, I’m a 21 year old male that got shingles about 10 months back. I haven’t noticed anything for the last 10 months, but today I noticed what looks like scars. It’s a light red outline with my skin being white where the bumps were at. I was out swimming a few days ago. Just wanna know if the shingles are coming back or if it’s just scarring that just showed itself all of a sudden. ?

    • Hi John, scars only appear if you had been scratching the blisters or picking at them while Shingles was active and beginning to heal. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and see your dr if you feel the Shingles may be coming back.

  22. Hi, after 6 months passing from shingles on my face. I’m left with white scars. Can you provide helpful information for these?
    Thank you

  23. Hello! I am 19 years old. I got the shingles when i was 11 and I’ve had scars under my chest area ever since. Weird thing is– the only place my shingles were at was under the left side ofmy chest. When i was 17, the scars spread to my neck area. Thankfully they went away. But now after 8 years the scars are still spreading from under my chest area to the right side of my stomach. What could be causing this?

  24. Hi. I have this blister marks on my face. Some peas popped up my face while frying them in oil. They have left some scar. Is there any way I can lighten it or get rid of them? They are just two spots on the face which makes it so obvious.
    Thank you

  25. Hi, I had my shingles a few months back. The first shingle that appeat in the right side of my forehead is accidentaly popped because I dont know about shingles that time and i thought it is just a normal pimple so i tried to hide it using a band-aid, but it became worse and the shingles on my face became many and i search the internet to know more about it and so now i know about the shingles, but the 1st shingles became a large scab and i was so anxious about it so when the scab is almost to fall off, i help to get rid of it but it became a large red scar. But now it is not red anymore but it is now a hole and when my face is haggard or oily it is so obvious and becomes red when its hot. Any advice?

    • Hi Gerald, the scabbing was your scar trying to heal, and as much as it is unsightly, it’s better to keep your hands off it and let your body do its job. It sounds like you now have an indented scar, which you see many times in those who have acne scars. Micro-needling and dermabrasion may be able to help.

  26. I had shingles about three weeks ago. It appeared on my chest towards my right arm, half my upper back towards my right arm and down the arm, (inner and outer side). The lesions were quite small. They have healed but my back n arm still feels really sore sometimes. Some clothing material can be really irritating. My scars on my back are really dark but chest and arm not so bad. Very little itching. I now use an aqueous cream several times a day to keep it moisturised.
    how do I deal with the soreness? And is three weeks to early to start using fade cream?

    • Hi Mandy, it takes about 4-6 weeks for shingles to run its course. Since it’s only been 3 weeks, this may be why you are still experiencing soreness at the wound sites. You can begin using a scar treatment once it is no longer actively blistering.

  27. I forgot to mention that my skin crawls sometimes. It feels like ants are crawling on me especially my back.
    any advice?

  28. Hi I had shingles in ma face in 2009 BT I still have terrible black scars,can u help me plz??

  29. Hi, I had herpes zoster 1 n half months back over my left upper eyelid n forehead. .will mederma cream work for the scar which appears dark red n flat in appearance?

  30. 808 Bodysurfer says


    I also had the Shingles, this past December and didn’t know what it was till my doctor told me. At first I felt a stinging pain on my lower left side to the back. The pain was sore but I didn’t notice no red swelling or marking on my body. Till the following week I started taking notice tiny red pimples forming then all of a sudden it started looking like raised liquid filled pimples that looked kind of gross! I was given an Antiviral Medication for 7 days. Which it helped and bought several cream medication such as Oatmeal Bath powders, used baking soda filled in bath, Shingles Cream, used fresh cut Aloe plant, Calamine Plus lotions. So far the blisters are dried up and flaking off slowly after using the following solutions. The only problem I have now is the itching. I will try and find that solution you keep mentioning to others “InviCible Scars” I haven’t heard of this brand in the stores I shop but will ask the Pharmacy. Hopefully, the itching will stop and I can go about my day. If not, I was wondering if going to the beach and having the saltwater aid in the process? I live in the Aloha State. Please advise. Any help is appreciated.

    Mahalo & Happy New Year 2016

  31. I developed Shingles Nov 14, 2015. It was on the left side of my face in my ear & eardrum & hairline, chin, mouth & tounge. It has affected my hearing. It has left scares & deep purplish marks on my face. I have used Muprison daily to promote healing. Is there anything else I can do? Will my hearing Improve? It perforated my eardrum.

  32. I’m now 30years old,it was 5 days after my 28th birthday I got shingles, 3rd November 2013 and the doctors messed up and didn’t give me the medication in time, I’ve been left with indents on the middle of my nose and a hole between my eyebrows where the scarring was.
    I had surgery done on the one between my eyebrows April 2015 but there’s nothing they can do to fix the 5 red/purple indents on my nose, tried injection filler which did fill them in a bit but they said it’s not a long term sulituon and wouldn’t continue the treatment.
    It’s ruined my life, I dont leave my small village, if I’m out walking I cover my nose every time a stranger who doesn’t know me walks by and I wear a hat.
    I’ve got a 4year old son and I’ve not had my picture taken with him since he was 2years old, i do nothing with him cause my self confidence is gone!! I can’t face being outside my comfort zone!
    I’m being forced back into work now as my son starts school after summer, the thought off being in view off the public causes me serious anxiety, I feel like everyone is staring at me.
    My sons father brought on the shingles attack with the stress he was causing me after we split up, I can’t even meet anyone it’s just ruined my life, no amount off make up covers the scarring, I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on creams, foundations,etc.

  33. Hi

    i have a shingle scar on my right nose, the pain is still there when its hot or cold. Now i just got a bump on it the attack was on May 2014. when i touch the area is still sensitive.

  34. I had shingles around the front of my neck and up the side of my face 44 years ago. The ones on my face faded away on their own as they were not too deep. The one around my neck is still there and now with getting older appears to look like its just a big long tree trunk wrinkle-not happy at all. I have started doing acid peels on this scar and very slowly it is diminishing. Back in the day there was no medication for shingles and was treated with medicated over the counter powder, so at least feel good that you have meds for it now.

  35. Hi, I had shingles a few months ago and the scar keeps “reactivating” by getting red and inflammed and slightly itchy. It’s bumpy and when I took a closer look it’s looked like there were black heads and congestion. There appears to be acne in my shingles scar and I’ve actually had to extract the congestion. I would disinfect and then apply an acne salicylic acid gel on it and the swelling would subside but then after a few days it would get bumpy and congested all over again. I’m not sure if this is normal but it’s not really showing much improvement.

  36. I have shingles, and they are in that stage where they are scabs. Theres a big clump on my leg, but I always have bandages on them unless I’m in the shower. Is it ok if I wear shorts but keep the bandages on? Or should I keep wearing pants?

  37. i have the shingles right now. It is inside my mouth, my tongue, inside my ear, my chin and cheek. It actually does not hurt that bad but i am scared of scarring. It is starting to scab and can i wash it with warm water or just leave it until it falls off.

  38. I had Shingles on my scalp, my face & my eye – that was 3 months ago – I have scarring on my forehead – I have been using a moisturizing scar cream & it has lightened up quite a bit — but my question is —- the scar which was always “raised” but now has turned into a row of “bumps” – will they ever go down or go away? Can I do anything to help these “bumps”? ??

  39. Hello guys!

    So I am hoping someone can assist me, Its incredibly embarrassing for me to annoyance this but my shingles is in one of the most weirdest places :/ My but cheek 🙁 I hate it, its so incredibly embarrassing! I am on my 4th case of shingles sense I was about 14 years old (now 26), I have a scar from the last few times, but every time I get another episode it gets worse and worse. I think the biggest problem is (I am sorry for the TMI) but the scar gets caught with my underwear and eventually tares and im left with an open scab that leads to a scar. What can I do?!!

    • Hi Irene, Start treatment as soon as possible next time this happens. Perhaps your doc can give you a prescription to have on standby. Not trying to be funny but it may be worthwhile going commando next time. Traumatizing the fresh wound will only lead to more scarring.

  40. Cynthia Livesay says

    I accidentally rubbed off the top layer of a shingles postule on my face while showering. What should I do now? I had been applying hydrocortisone alternating with blue emu twice daily for both. Help!

  41. Nolundi maqolo says

    Hi everyone, I had shingles 6 years ago on my left side of my forehead. The scar become painful sometimes when its the temperature is high. I wind if I can get a scar remover after so much time. I’ve lost my pride. It feels like m no longer beautiful anymore. I do hairstyles that hides the scar. If there is any ointment that I can use, please help.

  42. Hi , I got shingles while i had a chest infection about 12 dats ago there a quite a lot of blisters which appeard as a small patch after the first time I notice it . Went to the doctor but he failed to prescribe anti viral medication. And the A new larger band grew and left me with a band. From my left side of my belly to the side of my back and a small patch on my belly. There are a lot of blisters though and I need to know what can I use now on it Zovirax ? I mean directly on all areas including blisters . And what can I apply to area latter to stop scarring once blisters have healed . Also can I use Zostix hp directly on all areas including blisters . Also can I take a shower without spreading it else were ? Any tips.

    • hi John, Oral antivirals like acyclovir help shorten the breakout (in terms of time), help lessen the associated pain, speed healing and decrease the chance of complications. Topical antivirals don’t seem to help based on the studies. Topical antibiotic ointments can help decrease the risk of burst blisters getting infected.

  43. I’ve had opthamalicus shingles, the blistering phase ended 4-5 weeks ago. I’ve had dark spots on the lesioned area and it’s really annoying. I’ve not heard of this certain product they keep mentioning to everyone, but I did go to my dermatologist and he’s given me a couple of scar fading creams. But my question here is, how long does it take for it to vanish completely. PS. Use carrot for the scars since it’s the a pure antioxidant.

    • Hi Sani, it depends on the level of darkness, how large the area is and if the scarring is indented. Indented scars may fade in color, but their shape will not change. You can help it a little with scar massage, which will help to break up the tissue banding beneath the skin. You will also need to wear sunscreen over this area since the sun can darken it as well.

  44. Hello there.

    I got shingles in 2006 and the blistering rash affected right forehead directly above my eye. Luckily it was caught in time before any damage could take place to my eye, but after weeks of intense pain in my head and affected area, the scarring remained.

    In the years since, the scarring and discolouration faded with the exception of a mild scarring near my right eyebrow. However, in recent weeks, I’ve found that scarring seems to have grown and it is worrying me on whether or not Shingles is recurring.

    My question is 2 part. While I have yet to see any of the original symptoms, the scarring is definitely changing/larger. Is there treatment to address this?

    Second question, I’ve been holding off from getting the Shingles vaccine because of rumoured side effects and no guarantees it will prevent its recurrence. Do you recommend the vaccine? I’ve received mixed responses from my various medical professionals..


    • Hi Yee, Definitely worth getting this checked out. I wouldn’t wait to see what develops – always best to start treatment as early as possible if it is a shingles recurrence. Unfortunately we have no experience with the vaccine. Sorry we cant’ be of more help.

  45. How do l get rid of the numbness from the shingles I had on my forehead . It’s been about a month and it feels num and sometimes a little soreness. Does someone have an answer thanks.

  46. I was diagnosed with shingles approximately five days ago. I have a very small patch that is on my forehead. I had the shingles vaccination last year so I feel like my case maybe very mild Question is… What do I put on top of scraps to prevent scaring?

    • Hi Marcia, you’ll have to allow your shingles to finish blistering and scabbing before applying any scar treatment. The shingles last for 4-6 weeks. Once the blistering has stopped and the scabs have falled off (on their own – please don’t pick them), you can begin applying InviCible Scars. Now this will fade any redness or dark brown patches when used for 12 weeks, however there isn’t a scar treatment that can restore collagen to any of the indentations left behind.

      • robert greenfield says


        I have had shingles on my head and it has left a nasty pit on my forehead, even though the rest of the scabs have gone, the pit is deep after the scab fell off naturally and us surrounded by purpling of the skin, which I believe will fade with the right treatment. However, I hear dermafillers are the right way to go for pitted skin?

  47. Anning kuda says

    Hi, I am suffering from herpes zoster & it is been more than two months now(right side of abdomen area) Shingles are gone but marks are there & still paining. Can you suggest me, how to recover totally.

    • Hi Anning, having shingles is very painful, so that area may still be very sensitive to the touch. As long as it is no longer blistering, you should be able to apply a scar treatment in order to fade the dark marks left behind.

  48. I’m 31 and have had to live with a couple of Shingle scars on the right side of my face since I was 8. I used to be so insecure about them during my teenage years and when I attended Uni but have eventually grown out of that.
    I still wish there was way to get rid of them. Otherwise, they remind me of child hood days.

    • Hi Claire, have you talked to your dr about dermabrasion or microneedling to help with any indentations? If they are just dark scars, you could use a dark spot lightener – but you need to also make sure you are *always* wearing sunscreen on your face, as UV rays darken scars.

  49. This is all great info and advice, but everything seems to be geared towards white or lighter people. Any suggestions for people of color? I’m darker and still have facial scars after healing. Basically, they are darker spots on one side of my chin and around my ear (left side). I also still experience itching and sensativity, particularly on my chin, although my outbreak was over a year ago. Additionally, I shave this area, almost daily (with both regular 5-blade razors and alternating with a top of the line electric shaver), and am not sure if this causes the additional sensativity. I don’t experience this issue on the other side of my chin (right side), where I had no shingles outbreak. Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated.


    • Hi Adam, the same rules apply for those with darker skin. Vitamin C will fade discoloration that is darker than your natural skin tone. That being said, the daily shaving is likely contributing to the dark spots you are seeing since this area of your face contains the shingles scarring. Once your skin has had some sort of “trauma” to it, your body, in healing itself, can potentially overproduce or underproduce too much melanin. Did you apply scar cream once the scabbing fell off?

  50. Patty Brooks says

    I had shingles on my face 7 weeks ago. Now I have scars ( I didn’t touch them at all) and I have one huge pick mark by my mouth. Does anyone know how soon maybe some laser treatment can be done?
    Kinda/ 13 is so young to have Shingles and you had them twice. Hope you are doing well now.

    • Hi Patty, for the indented scar by your mouth, you may want to look into dermarolling or micro-needling, which can help with collagen production and re-plump up this area. For the scars that are not deep, but are dark brown or red, try InviCible Scars for 12 weeks.

  51. Stephanie light says

    I am in the healing process with the scabs. Do I put anything on them or let them be dry . A lot of confusion out there with moisture healing or dry healing. Which method for less scarring?

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for your question! As our article mentions, we recommend starting a scar therapy as early as possible…and as your skin can tolerate, as we know touching that part of your skin will be incredibly painful. A scar cream will absorb into the skin and will only need to be applied 1-2x daily (again, as pain permits.) Once absorbed, your skin will be dry to allow for the scabbing process to continue the proper way.

  52. I have had shingles on the right side of my neck, shoulder, upper back and my upper chest for 7 years. I have used a variety of treatments including oral drugs and topical creams for the scars and itching, including hydrocortisone, amitryptyline, pregabalin, methylcobalamin. I’m currently using carbamazepine. The scabbing stopped after a few months but since then I have suffered severe pains and itching in the area which often deprive me of sleep and have affected my health and work. I would appreciate any tips on how to manage the itching and pains and treat the scars.

  53. I just suffered through a shingles infection across my chest and back.

    A caring friend recommended that I use a cloth doused in very cold water and pat down the blisters and the cover them in corn starch

    I wish to emphatically say this treatment signifantly reduced my pain and dried up the wound

    I also went on antiviral medication immediately. I’ve had multiple attacks of shingles, and this time was the least painful thanks to the treatment I described

  54. I had shingles 8 months ago and was left with almost unnoticeable scars. Recently I had a surgical procedure which left a noticeable scar. I started putting cocoa butter on that scar to reduce it, and figured I would try putting it on my shingles scars. I applied it twice a day in both areas for about 3 days, and then developed a rash where the shingles scars are. There is no rash on the surgical scar. I stopped the cocoa butter altogether, but the rash won’t go away. It does not itch but I don’t know how to get rid of the rash. It looks like I have shingles again except there is no pain or itching or blisters. I guess my skin where I had shingles is super sensitive, or perhaps I’m allergic to cocoa butter which I have never used before. But it’s weird that no rash occurred on the surgical scar. I’ve had the rash for about a week and it shows no signs of improving. I’m out of town for about two weeks and don’t know what to do about this.

    • It would be very unusual to have an allergic reaction just over the shingles scar. Since you are not home to visit with your physician, we recommend you visit an urgent care for evaluation to be on the safe side.

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