How to Improve the Appearance of Old Scars

How to Improve the Appearance of Old Scars

Looking at some children nowadays can give us “old” folks a feeling of regret, not for ourselves, but for them. Today’s generation of children is cooped up inside their houses playing with expensive gadgets. Very rarely do you see a child who would prefer to play outside over playing with iPods and video games. Playing inside all the time robs them of a regular childhood where they learn how to fall from a tree or a bike. Some of them  will never know what it’s like to wear “battle scars” like our generation.

Battle Scars

Despite our pride over our childhood scars, vanity has a way of creeping up to you, especially as we grow older. Scars can be a bit of a nuisance especially for women who are fashion-conscious. Short skirts are obviously a no-no for women who have ugly scars on their legs. Yes, despite the happy childhood, there’s nothing pretty about childhood scars.

Hide Scars

The first instinct is to cover up the scars with leggings, jeans and long-sleeved shirts. But then how about those cute little skirts and spaghetti strap dresses? Well, you can always use stockings. Then again, with the unrelenting heat that summer brings, sweaty legs are almost as unpleasant as scarred legs. Makeup is also widely used to conceal scars. It comes in many shades for different skin tones and some are waterproof too. Small, shallow scars are the easiest to conceal with makeup.

Chemical Peels  for Scars

A visit to a reputable dermatologist is the best way to learn about chemical peels. Chemical peels are gaining popularity as a way of fading scars. Peels use certain chemicals to remove the top layer of skin. This “freshens” the look and feel of the skin as well as helping to smooth out and fade the scar. It is non-invasive and has little downtime depending on the strength of the chemicals used. It may take more than one peel to significantly improve the look of the scar, especially if the scar is raised or deep. Chemical peels also have risks. In the short term, peels typically cause some degree of redness. Long term they can cause permanent skin darkening known as “hyperpigmentation” (dark spots). The risk of hyperpigmentation is increased with sun exposure while the skin heals.

Scar Revision Surgery

If scars really bother you, maybe its time to think of a more invasive procedure like scar revision surgery. Consult a reputable plastic surgeon to better guide you in making the best decision. Surgical scar revision involves excising the ugly scar and re-closing it in a more cosmetic way. This can sometimes involve re-arranging some of the tissue to hide the resulting scar even more in a skin crease or shadow. Always be sure to check the fees well ahead of time as surgery is never cheap!

Topical Scar Therapy

Now, not everybody can afford to visit the doctor, surgery is not for everyone and the exuberant fees can be an issue as most medical insurances don’t cover scar revision procedures. A gentler but effective alternative can be to use a topical scar treatment. For regular folks like you and me, it’s the most readily available option. When looking for a product pick one that has proven effective ingredients like Aloe Vera, which has wound healing properties and minimizes inflammation; Vitamin C, which boosts collagen production and promotes skin renewal; Licorice, which lightens dark scars; and Sunflower oil, which can improve scar elasticity and also help lighten it in the process. Although it may take a little more time to get rid of your scars, this is certainly less aggressive than surgery and cheaper too!

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  2. I ve a scar which prevent me from wearing straight dress above the knee and skirt above de knee at tyms is jxt lyk i should ruin my lyf.

  3. Iam always in trousers which makes me always sad whn the weather is prevent me frm going to church.because always in long wear whiles others are in cute dresses it. I ve regretted being born into this world.

    • Hi Mavis, have you tried any of the suggestions in our posts regarding scar treatments, health and fitness and sunscreen to help improve the appearance of your scar?

  4. Mr Robert Bridge says:

    I have an ongoing problem which causes me embarressment especially around summer time.I have to wear long trousers because of the scars on my legs caused by an operation some years ago to remove ulcerated varocose veins.Although I am looking forward to a nice holiday in a few weeks I am going to a hot climate and fear for wearing short trousers or indeed going into the pool.Is their any kind of magic or cream I can use to make the scars invisable so I am able to once again enjoy my holiday and my life?. Thanks for any help.

    • Hi Robert, all scar treatments take time, even ours (InviCible Scars.) To improve the appearance of your leg scars, you’ll want to apply a silicone-based scar treatment 2-3x daily. While doing this, firmly massage the scar. Over time, massage will help to soften the scar tissue so that it will flatten a bit to be more flush with the surrounding skin. Whenever possible, apply sunscreen SPF 30 to your legs so that the sun doesn’t darken the scar tissue.

  5. i used a hair removal cream on my legs nd it began to pain,it turned red nd was reali itchy…pliz help me im in fiji thou but i need advice ive tried bio oil but not reali gud results…..

    • Hi Adi, it sound like you either had a reaction to the cream or you left it on a little too long and it burned you. Make an appointment with a dermatologist as they will know what you need based on the level of the burn.

  6. I am very sad because I cut myself a little while ago, and it left the ugliest scar, it is very pink and unnatural looking, just gruesome and repulsing. It makes me wanna cry when I look at it and I regret my stupidity in that moment. Do you know what I can do to reduce the pinkness it is so gross please help.

  7. I once used garlic to remove my mole from face, after mole fell off, there i had redness and after few days it left dark spot on my face, still am having it. Suggest some remedies to overcome this dark spot.

  8. I have 2 scars one on my arm and one on my hand every time I look at them m I feel depressed seeing them i just want them to go away so I can be normal again and I am scared to show it to anyone I just need help so it can get better

  9. Hi! Im 17 and in our school, we wear skirt as our uniform and I am very shy to wear it because of the childhood scars on my legs. I’ve tried different natural home remedies to get rid of it but it seems like it is not helping. What should I do to fade the scars fast?

  10. Hello. I have a 13 cm long surgical scar on my thigh and it is little bit raised …how can i treat it to make it look light and smooth so that it can blend with my skin?

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