Does Licorice Extract Get Rid of Scars?

Does Licorice Extract Get Rid of Scars?

Grown mainly in southern Europe and China, “licorice” means “sweet root.” This perennial plant grows up to five feet tall with a vertical root. Licorice is not difficult to grow, but it takes several years before the roots can be collected. The main ingredient in licorice is actually a sweetener which is many times sweeter than sugar.

Licorice may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about scar treatment, but in fact, licorice is excellent for lightening hyperpigmentation, melasma, and dark scars and evening out skin tone. Licorice has natural properties that allow it to reduce dark spots and diminish the appearance of scars, and it has the added benefit of being a natural ingredient that carries none of the health risks of chemicals such as hydroquinone.

Licorice is often used in traditional Chinese medicine to harmonize ingredients in herbal formulas. Scars, uneven skin tone, and dark spots caused by acne or sun exposure can all be greatly improved by using a product that contains licorice extract. Licorice extract is a highly effective, safe, and natural ingredient which may prevent the need to resort to more drastic measures such as laser skin resurfacing.

Licorice contains several components which have positive skin effects. Due to its makeup, licorice is effective at skin brightening and lightening, improving acne, and oil production regulation, as well as having antibacterial and antioxidant properties. This versatile extract is also a strong anti-inflammatory agent.

Licorice extract works to fade hyperpigmentation by inhibiting melanin activity, thereby producing whitening of the skin. However, skin whitening is just one of licorice’s beneficial properties. It has also been found to have sunscreen-type properties that help protect against harmful UV rays and reduce skin sensitivity. This keeps skin looking younger and helps minimize or prevent hyperpigmentation or scar worsening. Licorice is also safe for sensitive areas because it is a natural, gentle ingredient.

Another condition for which licorice extract can be used is melasma, which causes patches of dark pigmentation on the face. This discoloration is typically seen in pregnant women or in women who have recently given birth; it can also be caused by certain drugs such as hormonal contraception, some antibiotics, or even anti-malarial drugs. Melasma may be transient or it may persist for years – but licorice is an effective remedy.

It is important to understand that most scars cannot be erased completely by any means – most scars are permanent. However, certain products have been shown to have dramatic lightening and minimizing effects on scars, and licorice is one of those ingredients. When applied topically, is has proven skin brightening effects, lightens dark pigmentation, and can reduce the visibility of scars dramatically. When used in combination with other proven ingredients, such as dimethicone silicone, licorice can make a huge difference in how your scar looks and how you feel about your appearance. And given the fact that it is completely natural and safe, this is one remedy you’ll definitely want to try.

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  1. The information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please speak to your doctor to treat any medical condition. Information on this site is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Please, I’m a 44 year lady and I have white scars in my both legs. Some of them are from chickenpox . Their are all scars. Can Invicible scars product help me ??

    Thank very much!!

  3. My scar is brown in was made by scissors before 2 years…will it work??

  4. Martha Ford says:

    What do you recommend for me to use on my knee after I’ve had knee replacement surgery & have a lot of scar tissue ?
    Thank you

  5. Will InviCible Scars help fade or remove my dented scar? Also will it reduce scarring on my injuries?

    • Hi Genji, which type of dented scar is it? Acne, surgical, from an injury, etc. To answer your other question, yes, InviCible Scars will help to minimize the appearance of your other scars from injuries.

  6. Lemei venzen says:

    What can I do to remove the dark spots on my face caused by acne?

  7. Is this product good for hyperpigmentation? I don’t really have acne but I have uneven skin tone and a lot of brown spots on my face. What do you recommend?

    • Hi Melissa, yes, InviCible Scars also targets hyperpigmentation as it contains a stable form of Vitamin C as well as licorice root extract. In addition, always wear sunscreen with an SPF of 30+ to further protect your brown spots from getting darker as UV rays work against any treatment when skin is unprotected.

  8. I’m very dark skinned and would like to use licorice to lighten acne marks. I’m a bit scared as I read it works by inhibiting melanin. I like being dark skin and don’t want to effect my production of melanin in the long run. Once the usage of licorice has been stopped will it still continue to inhibit melanin or will your skin continue to produce melanin as normal allowing you to tan etc?

  9. Hi I have a ezcema scar on my foot I would like to know what can I use to remove the scar?? Thank you

  10. Which is best non alcohol or with?
    My skin is oily type.

  11. I’m 13 years old, my hands and legs have brown spots from mosquito bites.. does licorice help fade it, or can u recommend something?

  12. Hi,

    I’m a fair-skinned redhead and will be having Moh’s surgery above my lip this week. I’m trying to figure out the best way to treat the area to minimize redness and scarring. Do you have a recommendation? And how soon after the surgery can I start using the recommended products?

    Thank you!

  13. Hi,
    Im 19 yrs old…What can I do to remove the dark
    spots on my face cause by chickenpox..?
    licorice root extract will help
    to fade it . plz help mi …

  14. How often do you need to apply the licorice extract to dark spots and how long do you need to do this?

    • Hi Kathy, as part of a scar treatment, it should be applied twice daily. You’ll also need to wear sunscreen SPF 30+ from this point forward…always. The sun’s UV rays can darken them again. With the combination of a scar treatment + daily use of sunscreen to protect them, you should begin to see a difference in 4-6 weeks. Fully faded could take about 12 weeks.

  15. Shaquille Moss says:

    I’m a 22 year old male (Yes, male). Typically, I would not be looking into this type of thing but I had my girlfriend in mind and then looked at my own legs in shame. Due to mosquito bites I am subject to black/dark spots and rough, dry scars due to mosquito bites growing from a young child to now. I have been conducting research and wounded up on this site. My question now is, ‘Would this work on scars of so many years now?’ If so, I would gladly purchase InviCible Scars for myself and girlfriend. Note: I went on amazon and found several complaints that the product is ineffective and others claim it is, giving the product a 3.5/5 star rating. From what I’ve seen, the lady had not been using sunblock at all which led me to this conclusion that she has not been using the product effectively.

    • Hi Shaquille, you hit the nail on the head. A product can only be as effective as following the directions. If someone continues to not use sunscreen, then their scar will darken again basically voiding any fading that had been done previously by the treatment. Additionally, the length of time using the treatment and following directives of using it twice per day is important as well.

      As for your dark scars that are older, yes it can work. The stable form of Vitamin C along with Licorice Root Extract, help to fade the pigmentation. Due to how dark they are (you mentioned black) it may take longer than a scar that is only brown. Since these scars are on your legs – anytime your legs are exposed to the sun, you need to wear sunscreen SPF 30+ always. Even after you are done using the scar treatment. Should you get bitten by mosquitoes again, try your best not to scratch at them to prevent future dark spots. There are some good anti-itch creams out there that can help.

      If you are in the US, we’ve repackaged and you can find the listing here:

  16. Wendy rondero says:

    Hi I’m 15 and my scar is right next to my eye and I would like to know how to reduce the apperence of my scar? I got the scar because I was play fighting with my sister and she scratched me and the scar is like a bump.

  17. Hi there,

    Thank you for providing such a valuable info. Could you reccommend anything for indented, icepick scars caused by cystic acne pls?

  18. Hi I have hyperpigmentation on my skin and I’m still looking for the right skin care but currently use a retinoid prescribed by my dermatologist, would it be okay to use this product along with my retinoid at night time or should it only be used during the day time?

  19. Hi
    I ask about u products
    If u can use it for dark spot around eye
    It has adverse effect and cause any problme in this area because anti scaring efffect ?
    And what time need for treat dark spot & hyperpigmention ?

    • Hello – you can use this near the eye but you have to be very careful not to get it in your eye. It takes up to 12 weeks to begin to see a difference in fading. Since this is an exposed area of the body that will get sunlight, make sure to apply sunscreen over the spot as well.

      • Thanks for answering
        But i mean
        If I have dark spot only at any aera
        , what about antiscaring action in area
        Can cause any problem in this aera?

      • Thanks for answering
        But i mean
        If I have only dark spot at any aera
        , what about antiscaring action in area
        Can cause any problem in this aera?

  20. I have a red scar on my cause by kojic papaya with glutathione soap it ok to use licorise for my scar and is it ok to use them both?

  21. I have a age spot just below my eye brow and one beside my lip, they are not real dark but I’m self conscious about them. What would get rid of them.

  22. I have pimples on my face and they are spreading Can i use this to my face to get rid of my pimples and scars

    • Hi Ishita, pimples as you described are acne and should be seen by a dermatologist who can sometimes prescribe medication or a specific skin care routine. InviCible will fade acne scar discoloration, but it’s a good idea to wait on using it until you have the acne under control first.

  23. Usha sachdev says:

    I have developed big age marks on my both cheeks and fore head.
    I have discoloration all over my face since one and a half years.
    How can I get rid of them safely and as quickly as possible .
    My unexposed areas of body is light colored ( like Asians Chinese color). Unexposed are light brown ( tan) colored. Now my face is very very dark brown ( almost black). Now I do not look
    Healthy. Please suggest how to get normal skin. THank you. Usha

    • Hi Usha, unfortunately there are no “quick” treatments when it comes to sun damage, which happens over years and years. A Vitamin C serum can help, but it takes 3 months or longer of consistent application in addition to wearing sunscreen daily. Cosmetic treatments like dermabrasion, microneedling and chemical peels can also help – but they too take time and have a healing process.

  24. Hi,
    I have had acne in the past which has now cleared up but I have been left with scarring on both cheeks.
    Would this product help me in reducing the look of the scars?

    • Hi Amandeep, InviCible will help with fading the discoloration, but if they are indented scars, only non-invasive cosmetic treatments can help with plumping them back up with collagen (like dermabrasion, micro-needling, chemical peels, etc.)

  25. I know it’s a daily practice but how many minutes (each day) does one leave licorice tincture on dark spots for it to be effective in lightening them?

  26. Hello i got scalded by hotwater which resulted of me getting a superficial second degree burn on my right breast and a first degree burn on my upper chest and down my stomach.Everything healed but the only difference i see is discoloration! I want to know if licorice extract can help fade away the discoloration and for me to get my actual skin tone color back. I’ve had the discoloration for 4 or five months now but nothing really changed!

    • It’s always hard to say when it comes to regaining your natural skin tone, as it depends on a lot of factors (overall healthy, lifestyle – exercise, non-smoker, healthily eating, age.) Vitamin C can help to fade the discoloration. Here’s a review of InviCible Scars on a burn scar.

  27. My 16 year old just had a mole removed on her back. The incision widened as it healed but is flat, yet very red. Dermatologist said it is fine but I worry how red and wide it is at 6 weeks post op. I am using a silicone gel right now.

    • Hi Mary, scars will change color and sometimes size, depending on where they are located, as they heal. Healing time takes about 1-2 years. Despite what you see on her skin, there are still changes going on underneath. Keep applying the silicone gel as instructed by your doctor. If the area were to fill with puss, or become hot to the touch, then reach out to your dr.

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