How Long Does it Take for a Scar to Heal?

How Long Does it Take for a Scar to Heal?

The short answer, of course, is that it depends on the scar. The correct answer is that it depends on a great many factors, including things like the person’s age and overall health, what environmental factors the scar is exposed to during healing (such as smoking or sunlight), the technique used by the surgeon if the scar is a surgical scar, and whether the wound was infected at any point during healing – to name just a few of the many things that can affect how long a scar takes to heal! It also matters what caused the scar in the first place and how extensive the injury was.

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However, there are some general guidelines a patient can go by to help him or her know what to expect. For the first few weeks after a wound closes, the scar can appear red and raised; it gradually fades and softens over the next several months. Expect to see the final result in at least a year, sometimes two. That is how long it can take for a scar to stop changing or improving on its own. However, even after this point, there are methods you can utilize to encourage the scar to heal even further for a less obvious and more pleasing appearance. In children, the final appearance of the scar may not be visible for several years.

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Avoid Infection
The first and most important thing you can do to help your scar heal as quickly as possible is to prevent the wound from getting infected. Any infection will delay healing and possibly worsen the scar’s final appearance. Make sure to keep the incision or injury site completely clean and follow your doctor’s instructions, if applicable, for wound care during the healing period.

Exercise, Massage the Scar Area, and Avoid Smoking
Making sure the scar gets plenty of oxygen is another effective way to make sure it heals quickly. Smoking actually works in two ways to delay scar healing. First, it decreases oxygen in the blood, which in turn decreases the amount of oxygen that gets to the wound. This oxygen is extremely important for complete healing, so you should be doing everything you possibly can to increase the wound’s oxygen supply – such as exercising. Not only does smoking reduce the amount of oxygen the wound receives – and thereby delay its healing – but it also increases the risk of the wound becoming infected. And keep the scar out of the sun; the sun can cause a scar to darken or redden.

Use Ingredients Proven to Promote Scar Healing
You can further speed scar healing by using a product designed to fade and soften scars. Avoid products that contain hydroquinone – although commonly used in scar healing, it is known to be potentially irritating and dangerous. Also avoid fragrances, preservatives, and alcohol in your scar healing product. Instead look for natural ingredients that are proven to help scars heal and improve their appearance, such as silicone, aloe vera, licorice, and vitamin C.

Be patient – scar healing is a slow process. However, you can move it along as quickly as possible by following these tips.

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  2. I wanna know if my lil scar from above my lip in the middle of my mustache will go away , I feel off my bike about 3 weeks ago, and I’m jus getting the pus out yesterday, I put coco butter on it, is there anything else I should do? Thanks

  3. Meghana says:

    I got hit by cupboard on my nose n it healed really fast I dnt even have pain but its been a month and the mark don’t fade is it hard for a scare to heal on lateral side of the bridge of the nose

    • Hi Meghana, it takes longer than a month for a scar to fully heal. The initial wound may have healed, but the scar tissue formed still takes time. If the mark is dark brown or red, you may have success applying a scar treatment while also making sure to wear sunscreen as well.

  4. I had a cut on my forehead and it started to heal but the scab came off the other day while showering and now it’s just white. I apply coconut oil and coco butter multiple times a day. How long will it take to fade?

  5. I had a bad cold sore on the corner of my mouth in may. It healed and scabbed up, but it took three weeks for the scab to heal the skin and flake off. I suffered form this cold sore May 5th of this year, I still have a mark from it, a small indentation scars. Ive been using gels and silicons sheets on it every night for the last five months and the scar still remains. How much time will it truly take to fade?

  6. Zunaira Zia says:

    I got scars and spots. Doctor said it’s pityriasis. He recommended me Lacticare H.C.2.5% at night and advanton ointment twice a day. I used these creams for 15days.But there’s no recovery even they’re getting worse and more scars are started to appear with the passage of time. I’m really worried. Please suggest me something.

    • Hi Zunaira, the good news is that this is a short term skin condition. It typically only lasts a few weeks, but can last a few months before it resolves. If you feel it is getting worse, reach out to your dr. and have them take a look.

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