What Makes Scars Heal Faster?

What Makes Scars Heal Faster?

If your scar is in an area that requires a lot of flexing, like the knee or the neck, the scar is going to require more time to heal. The process of forming a scar begins as soon as you sustain a cut or injury. The healing process goes through three stages: the inflammatory phase and the proliferation phase — which usually takes about six months — and the maturation phase, which can take up to two years to complete. You can assist your scar’s healing and help minimize your scar’s appearance by applying InviCible Scars to the area of your scar at least twice a day.

InviCible is a silky-smooth, non-greasy and hypoallergenic cream containing Dual Vitamin C Complex for direct application to your scar tissue. It improves the appearance of your scar by acting on every stage of the scar healing process to ensure a minimized, flattened and aesthetically pleasing result. InviCible contains Dimethicone Silicone Gel, which can significantly soften tight scars, and Probiosyn-4 Natural Treatment Complex, a combination of aloe vera, essential fatty acids and licorice extract that promote healing of scar tissue by decreasing inflammation, while improving wound healing, skin moisture and scar elasticity. With regular application of InviCible, your scar will heal quickly with more aesthetically pleasing results.

To improve your scar’s healing even further, stay out of the sun! Be sure to apply a sunscreen cream with SPF 30 to block harmful rays, and re-apply every 2 hours. If you have a surgical scar, laceration or burn that required sutures, apply InviCible as soon as the sutures are removed or dissolve. If you’ve had a skin resurfacing procedure, begin applying InviCible when rawness subsides. For acne scars, apply InviCible scar treatment at least twice a day, directly on the affected area.

There are other scar treatments that claim to promote speedy healing in scars, but their ingredients may be harmful to your scar and prolong the healing process. Despite its claims, hydroquinone — an effective lightening agent — is dangerous to your skin and may cause more harm than good. InviCible does not contain kojic acid, another common ingredient in many commercial scar therapies. It is an effective lightener, but skin exposed to kojic acid on a regular basis is prone to contact dermatitis. InviCible does not contain Vitamin E, either. Despite anecdotal reports to the contrary, Vitamin E is not an effective treatment for decreasing scar tissue healing times or for minimizing scars, as it only moisturizes the scar. It can actually worsen the appearance of scars and cause an allergic reaction in some users since scar tissue is different from normal tissue.

InviCible does not use synthetic preservatives and fragrances, which can cause allergic reactions. Unlike other scar treatment creams, InviCible is a hypoallergenic and safe scar therapy. It is water-free and needs no preservatives. With daily application, it facilitates the expeditious lightening and thinning of scar tissues, so that you can enjoy a minimized and completely healed scar as quickly as possible.

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