Why is Moisturizer Important For Scar Healing?

Why is Moisturizer Important For Scar Healing?

You’ve probably already heard about the importance of moisturizer for your skin countless times, but did you know that moisturizer is also incredibly important when it comes to your scars? This is true in a number of different ways.

Well Moisturized Skin Heals Better

Keep in mind that dry skin is highly susceptible to scarring. Your skin needs moisture for the healing process – and when any kind of damage to the skin occurs, you lose moisture much more rapidly. Simply put, proper moisturizing of the skin affects every part of the healing process.

Moisture Improves Scar Healing

The top layer of skin conserves water and serves as an infection barrier. Skin injury severely disrupts this function. The next wound healing phase is formation of the new top skin layer (epidermis) and replenishing water content of the skin is essential during this phase.

Ingredients like aloe, essential fatty acids, and licorice extract help to restore the lipid biolayer and provides moisture to the developing epidermis. Dimethicone, such as in InviCible Scars, also traps water. The resulting increased moisture encourages faster and improved healing.

Moisturizing Doesn’t Fade Scars

While moisturizing scars helps them heal properly, sometimes resulting in a smaller, diminished scar, it does not fade the color of the scar. Vitamin C is the most effective way to fade the hyperpigmentation and broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen is the best method to protecting scars from darkening.

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  2. I have scaring all aver my face is there any possible way t get rid of them

  3. Hi! Nice post. I have scars on my cheeks. I have acne only on my cheeks. I’m fair skinned and the marks left are red. Could you please help me with some information. Thank you!

  4. I developed a bad habit of picking at my ingrown hairs on my thighs, in an attempt to get them to go away. Unfortunately all this resulted in is several little round purplish scars in their place. Now I am self conscious to wear shorts or skirts, I’d love something that will help fade these scars before summer hits. Any advice would be appreciated!

  5. Am black i have red scars on my leg
    Is the cause of foot football how can i get raid of it or fade it

  6. I had an insect bites on my legs and feet. It’s been weeks already that I still have the reddish on my skin. Some turns into black but not itchy. Some also stays red and it’s itchy.
    Can you help me what to put on my skin to heal the reddish spots or the black spots on my skin?

    • Hi Lee, if you’ve scratched them enough to cause scarring, they will be red for a while. You can apply InviCible Scars to the red and dark spots to fade them. You should also be wearing sunscreen over them to protect them from darkening in the sun.

  7. What do you think of using Calamine lotion? It is okay to put over silicone gel?

  8. Had a reaction to triple antibiotic ointment(gave me a very itchy rash…on back if neck) Was using hydrocortisone cream for the itching. Now I have a very dry patch in its place. What kind If lotion should I use on it and how often?

  9. Hello My skin surgeon has advised that I do not put moisturiser on a large scar on my nose, post cancer.. Pls advise.

    • Hi Vicky, Scars heal better with moisture but a lot depends on where you are in the healing process and your specific situation. Your doctor has to make the call here I’m afraid.

  10. Pollyguan104@yahoo.com says:

    My daughter is 5 years old. About 3 months ago she picked on a scab that’s on her cheek, ( a tiny scab). Three months later, just realized that spot left her a pitted scar, the skin has a little hole, looks like missing the top layer of skin. Is there any cream/oil to help her regrow the skin? Anything I can apply on it? As a mom, i feel super guilty that I didn’t take good care of her skin because she had very nice skin.

    • Hello, there isn’t a topical cream that’ll plump up an indented scar. The indentation comes from the lack of collagen when healing. As she grows the mark will look smaller and smaller on her face.

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