Neck Scar Treatment Before and After

Neck Scar Treatment Before and After

We absolutely love to hear from our customers that InviCible Scars WORKS. Our scar treatment covers a wide range of scars and isn’t just limited to acne scars or fading hyperpigmentation. Below is a testimonial from our customer, Stephanie in New Hampshire, who had a scar from neck surgery:

Neck Surgery Scar Before & After InviCible Scars Treatment

I love InviCible! It has made a very distinct surgery scar on my neck look just like one of the lines in my neck! – Stephanie, NH

We love making our customers happy and fading the scar, but not their confidence! We have plenty more scar treatment before and after photos, as well as InviCible Scars reviews that you can read.

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  2. Suzanne says:

    Hi, please call me Suzi. I have white marks that were bug bites from head to toe. The bites were very deep( an allergic reaction to mites). I have multiple autoimmune diseases for the last 30 years and was hoping perhaps your product would help. I also have old abdominal long scars from multiple surgeries ( my zipper NOT). New scar too, I had my eye lids lifted which has been two weeks ago and I would love to get rid of the scars and I had a facelift at the same time. Lots of help needed. I do have sensitive skin to many products and my email is above. Please let me know what you think would help.

    • Hi Suzi, InviCible Scars will work on your old abdominal scars and your new scars from your facelift and eye lift. Since you have sensitive skin you should try a test spot on your skin before using on your scars. Be careful around the eyes. It won’t cause any harm if if goes IN the eye, but will sting!

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