How to Remove Dark Spots from Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hair

How to Remove Dark Spots from Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hair

Razor burn and ingrown hairs are unsightly side effects of shaving, but they typically require a simple treatment and disappear after a few days. However, when you have dark spots that form due to razor bumps and ingrown hair, it requires more work to make your skin look flawless. By following these simple tips, you can fade the dark spots that form.

What Causes Dark Spots to Form?

When you shave, especially if you do not use shaving cream or shave with a dull razor, it can lead to razor bumps and ingrown hair. The two main causes are uneven pressure or bacteria entering the pores. When shaving, hair may become trapped under the skin or regrow into the skin, which makes it an ingrown hair. This causes bumps to form, and you may experience swelling, and pain. If the bacteria get into the pores, it leads to infection, similar to some forms of acne. Initially, your skin will turn red, and you might even have some puss forming if it becomes infected. As the skin heals, the area can scar and turn darker, leading to a dark spot. This occurs due to the damage to the cells that produce melanin or the skin pigment.

Prevention is Key

One of the best ways to treat dark spots is to prevent them from forming. Therefore, you should always shave with some cream or gel and use a sharp blade. This reduces the risk of developing ingrown hair and razor bumps. When you do have an ingrown hair, then treat it carefully and do not shave again until it has healed. Treat the area with an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial cream to help the skin to heal and prevent any further damage.

Treat the Dark Spots

Once you have dark spots, they will typically disappear after several months, but you can expedite the skin’s healing process by using a skin lightening cream. However, you want to ensure to use ingredients that will help the skin, not further harm it. Some common ingredients in skin lightening creams include kojic acid and hydroquinone. However, you do not want to use these, as they have dangerous side effects. Instead, you should aim for natural and healthy ingredients that will lighten the skin without harming your body, such as licorice root extract. Vitamin C is another ingredient that will help, not harm, your skin. It is an antioxidant that reverses the cellular damage caused to the skin, including the damage to the cells that produce melanin. In addition to fading scars and dark spots, it also promotes your skin’s natural healing process, including producing collagen.

You can remove the dark spots from razor burn and ingrown hair, but it starts by ensuring you shave properly. You also want to take care of any damage to the skin right away.

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  1. The information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please speak to your doctor to treat any medical condition. Information on this site is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.
  2. I have had a small flat dark patch at the base of my penis where I shave
    been there months seemed totally flat
    then I noticed it was like dry skin so I peeled it off
    started to bleed alittle kinda went away
    then months later again looked alittle dry peeled again and then bled some more looks more raised.
    every time I scratch this it bleeds like its a darker the layer of skin
    any idea?

  3. Hi am a black male with a very serious issue with razor bumps n black spots. I went on a camp in 2001 n use a stick razor n from there it started I began using electric shaver but they keeps coming bk n hairs turning down causing bumps n puss. To get some relief I have to pull them out with a tweezer, I really need to get rid of them because they makes my face looks bad n feel rough. Asking for your help please, thank you.

    • Hi Michael, we advise that you speak to your dermatologist about this type of issues. Our product can help fade the dark marks, however, you should first tackle diminishing the issue of repeated ingrown hairs first.

    • Ethan hunt says

      Hello Michael, you need to use a depilatory. Electric razors can cause facial hair to grow back into the skin. It’s more common in black males, so try the shave-less face cream. It burns and has a bad smell but will help prevent further bumps and provide a clean shave. To combat the smell use a after shave, preferably non alcoholic.

  4. Hi, I’m a female and have dark spots from ingrown hair on my chin I use tweezers. I keep getting them I never use razor. What cause the problem
    Kelli texas

  5. I have terrible dark spots on my shoulders because i shaved the hairs on that area pls how can i get rid of it and how long would it take

    • Hi Golly, InviCible Scars treats dark spots. How long it takes depends on the size of the area, exposure to sunlight, lifestyle choices (do you eat healthy, exercise, etc.?) and following the instructions for application based on the size of the area you are targeting.

  6. Am a male of 20 years fair in complexion I started having facial hair at 15 I was ignorant and scared then so I used shaving sticks now d part of my face that I shaved has turned black I have tried using shaving creams like veet for dry skin but it’s not still working pls what do I do I really need to get rid of this at all cost

  7. Hi i have dark spots and ingrown hair bumps on my bikini line which sometimes swell and have puss in them….what can i use to help? I do use hair removal cream and shave as well…sometimes i go weeks without shaving but the bumps and dark spots are still there

    • Hi Nina, the constant injury to the area is causing the dark pigmentation. Especially when it is infected (i.e. puss.) Try to give it some time to heal before shaving or using a hair removal cream again.

  8. Hi, I am a 20 year old black women and I have several dark marks on the triangle area which isn’t pretty. I started getting them a few years back and they seem to have not gone away. Any advice?

  9. Hi,I have dark spot’s under my chin due to shaving it has been there for many years,is there any hope in getting rid of those

  10. Hello! I have two ingrown hairs on my armpit for several months. I have been draining the puss from them when they look like it needs it. Over time they have gotten darker and darker. I’ve tried so many times to squeeze or tweeze the ingrown hairs but it’s so deep in my skin i don’t think there’s any way of retrieving them. I’ve been waiting several months for maybe the ingrown hair loop to come up but I’m becoming impatient and insure due to the increasing warm weather and my inability to wear short sleeve shirts with confidence. 🙁 I’m not sold on those dark spots cream. I think they don’t work and when they do, they only work for a certain amount of time or extent. The two spots have become SO dark! If anybody has gone through this please assure me they go away. How long does it take to go away. Is there any immediate thing I have to do before they fade. Does the ingrown hair HAVE to be removed to the darkness to completely leave without a trace. Please help, nobody has answers. thank you.

    • Hi Madeline, when you are repeatedly squeezing and tweezing the ingrown hairs, you are re-injuring your skin, which in turn will make the area darker. Scar treatments won’t help you to fade it for as long as the hairs continue to become ingrown and you need to tweeze them, unfortunately. Have you consulted a dermatologist? Perhaps laser hair removal may be to your benefit for your situation.

  11. I had got a hair cut n he scared my neck now there’s a line it’s dark and wont go away..
    It’s been bout two weeks and it’s still there is there anything I can do to take it away…??? The scar is jus a dark line.

  12. Hey! I have dark spots on my Bikini area from shaving; it’s like lots of dark bumps. Will Invicible Scar work?

  13. I pls am black Africa woman I have ingrown hair on my chin area and it cause darkspot pls help how can I treat it I live in Germany and is invincible scars good for Africa skin pls help me thanks

    • Hi Paulina, yes InviCible works on all skin tones and we do ship internationally from our website. If you purchase it, please apply it twice a day under your makeup and skin care products. Also be sure from this point forward to wear sunscreen daily so that the sun does not darken it again.

  14. Hi, I’m a 18 years old black girl and I’ve had razor burns, ingrown hair and black spots on my bikini area and also on my belly as I used to shave there as well. I’m now using retin a on the affected areas will that work? Or can you suggest me any other product because I’ve had these issues for about 2 years now and I’ve stopped shaving. Thanks

  15. I have dark spots from shaving & sometimes bumps pop up from either irritation or ingrown hairs .. how can I prevent this & remove the dark spots?

  16. Cat Kelley says

    Hello I have some dark spots along my bikini line. After reading this I realized I’ve been making it worse because I still shave when I’m not supposed to. So I will stop for a while. You recommended a stable form of vitamin C for the dark spots but can you recommend a certain brand to use or what I should I look for in buying vitamin C? Thank you

  17. Destinee says

    I have chin and Kneck hair and so I shave it with electrical razor I noticed I have a lot of darkness on my Kneck do you think I should wax now and Whst should I get to make ear skits go away .

    • Hi Destinee, the darkness is probably a combination of the hair follicles and hyperpigmentation. The dark spots can happen when there is injury to the skin. Waxing is likely to do the same. You’ll want to use a dark spot treatment with Vitamin C to fade it and also wear sunscreen SPF 30+ daily to prevent the sun from darkening the area.

  18. I am a 45 year old African American woman and I have dark spots in my bikini area from years of shaving. I want to get rid of the marks. I have heard about using lemons and brown sugar as well as mandelic acid. I want to also find an alternative to shaving since I’ve read that any treatment will not work if I continue to shave. Will your products work for me and can you recommend a good alternative for shaving that I can do at home? Thank you so much for any advice you can give.

    • Hi Nena, brown sugar won’t do anything for scars/dark spots and we have a post about lemon juice you might want to read. You’re correct though, that as long as you continue to shave, you have the potential to re-injure the skin and cause dark spots and this will undo any fading that had been done with a scar treatment. Have you spoken to a dermatologist about laser hair removal?

  19. I have dark black spots on the triangle of my vagina. they aren’t bumpy, they’re just dark spots. if I use hair removal cream and the invicible scar cream, is likely that it’ll go away ?

    • Hi Ally, sounds like it is hyperpigmentation due to the hair removal. If you continue the hair removal, the dark spots will remain no matter which treatment you use, as you will continually be injuring the skin.

  20. Hi once I had black hair on my neck I plucked it with tweezer thn it became worst now half of my neck is effected with scars any remedy for tht

  21. Hey I got a dark skin thing on my upper lip how to heal it plz tell me

  22. I use fresh razors and shave with soap because I read that shaving cream makes it worse. My bikini area is now dark and I have scars all over there and on my inner thighs. Mainly from ingrown hairs. Ive been exfoliating and moisturizing that area for weeks and it keeps happening. I go weeks without shaving there hoping it’ll help, but nothing does. I’ve tried lighteners but those have never worked for me. What else can I do?

    • Hi Mona, it’s the shaving that will cause dark spots, not shaving cream. Have you considered laser hair removal? It is known to help with ingrown hair and reduce significantly your amount of hair growth.

  23. I m a black female I shave everyday that’s how fast it grows back I have the dark spots as well help my face is ugly with these scar how do I get rid of the scars on my chin face

    • Hi Andrea, if you are dealing with excessive hair on your face, you should consult a dermatologist to look into laser hair removal. This can help permanently reduce the amount of hair growth so that you are not having to shave anymore. InviCible Scars can help with fading the dark spots without bleaching your skin. It’s available on Amazon. Use it for 6-12 weeks for best results.

  24. Shae skinner says

    I have dark spots on my bikini line and if I don’t shave for a few months they go away, but as soon as I shave again a few days later my bikini line is red and irritated and the marks come back. Is there some type if cream I can use to get rid of these spots? Pleasee help.

    • Hi Shae, the reason the marks come back is because you are reinjuring the skin. A topical treatment may help briefly, but as you continue to shave, it will cause new marks to appear. Have you considered laser hair removal?

  25. Sarah Ramsey says


    I’m a dark-skinned woman and I suffer from dark patches and bumps on my bikini area – I’ve started using tweezers as shaving was causing ingrown hairs, do you think I could use a vitamin E cream and continue to pluck until I can afford laser treatment?


    • Hi Sarah, unfortunately, plucking and shaving do equal harm to the skin and cause dark spots. Vitamin E only moisturizes the area and doesn’t do anything to fade the spots. A topical Vitamin C treatment like InviCible Scars can help to fade the dark spots, however, if you continue to shave/tweeze, you’ll continue to create new marks.

      • Will the invicible scar cream fade my tattoo? I don’t want it to. I have a red burn scar right next to it and I don’t want it to ruin or fade my tattoo.

  26. Eric Jarman says

    Grace and peace Sarah I let shaving cream stay on my face 2 to 3 minutes I shave downwards afterwards I put alcohol on the Shaven parts then use BUMP stopper for the next two to three days in which I save about every 3 days end up with razor bumps and brown marks had two razor bumps that scabed I tore two scabs off and tried to heal them with Neosporin and cocoa butter and have one big scar now looking for something 2 remove ingrown hairs that I have alone with subtracting the razor bumps and fading the massive Brown razor bump along with the masive 2 which turned into a 1 inch long and a half inch wide brown scar from where I tried to redo those two that were healed to a giant brown scar on the side of my face. I’m trying some meladerm right now which doesn’t seem to work.So basically I need the most strongest licorice Vitamen C ingrown hair Fixer and fading cream and some Professional advice Appreciate you Thanks !

  27. Hi I used razor on my face a while ago and I accidentally cut myself on my chin.
    It for a scar that was kind of like a small bump. I left it to see if it would fade away but it’s still there
    What can I do to get it to go?

  28. I am a 57 years young black ladies who has been struggling with this black chin area nose area and nothing seems to help can you please give me advice on what to do the doctor says this for your lupus but nothing and I mean nothing seems to get the dark spots off when I go out I am ashamed because little kids look at me and people look at me and said what’s wrong with her that’s very heartbreaking to me can you please help me thank you

  29. Hey, I have a cream called Skin Success by Palmer’s and it’s a eventone fade cream it contains hydroquinone but it also contains vitamin c & e, alpha hydroxy and sunscreen would I still be able to use it?

  30. hi , i have black patches on my hands due to waxing and shaving ….. kindly advise me some effective remedies to get rid of them……

    • Hi Parvin, this is due to injuring the follicles/skin. If you stop waxing/shaving your hands and then apply a dark spot fading treatment for about 12 weeks and use sunscreen over this area it should help. If stopping waxing/shaving is not an option, have you looked into laser hair removal?

  31. I’m 25 half black halllf irish so I have fairly light skin i have really bad scaring I guess and dark marks on my neck where I shave how can I get rid of it, it’s ruining my life I haven’t left my house in two years because of it

    • Hi Sass, unfortunately sometimes shaving can cause dark spots that won’t go away if you continue to shave. Have you spoken to a dermatologist about laser hair removal? This may help. Additionally, if you haven’t left your house due to this, it may be best to also seek out a professional counselor who can help with this.

  32. Hi,
    I have been dealing with dark spots from razor bumps for years. I stopped using a razor since I thought that was the problem. Even though I use hsit removal creams my razor bumps still come back and it seems like it’s happening more often now even when I’ve gone months without shaving. Doctors told me the razor bumps are caused from shaving even if I don’t use razors and suggested laser hair removal. I will contact a dermatologist soon about laser hair removal, but would you happen to know if insurance can cover those costs?

    Also which cream should I use. I’m black and have several dark spots and razor bumps now from lightly shaving by using hair removal cream recently. Which cream can I use to get rid of all the dark spots on my bikini line? I saw several people mention the same problem but you told them different creams to use so I don’t know which one to buy for myself. I need to get rid of these unsightly razor bumps and dark spots. Please tell me which I should use. Thank you.

    • Hi Sandra, everyone’s insurance is different in what they will cover, so it’s best to contact them directly to see if they cover laser hair removal. Even though you are not shaving, you are still using creams intended to burn the hair, which is still very damaging to the skin (it can burn you) and is likely the cause of still getting bumps and dark spots. Unfortunately, tweezing, waxing, shaving and hair removal creams will undo any progress that a scar treatment can make if you continue to do any of those things. To help lessen any ingrown hairs that could cause dark spots, you may want to exfoliate prior to shaving. If still using a hair removal cream, applying aloe immediately after may help to decrease inflammation of the skin.

  33. Hi there!

    I’m a 29 year old black woman and I began shaving my bikini area at a very young age (probably around 11-12 years old). Back then I used to pick at my ingrown hairs and as a result, it has left me with dark spots/scars on my bikini line. These scars have NEVER faded–they’ve been present since I started shaving that area. Over the years I have tried everything: shaving, waxing, sugaring, Nair, laser hair removal (by the way, when I was getting laser treatment done, they told me to shave the area with a razor before I went in for my appointment because the laser needed to detect the hair follicle in order to work). It has been about 3 years since I last got laser treatment done. I’ve also tried using skin bleaching cream on that area; the scars/dark spots on my bikini area just will not go away.

    I’ve found that using topical creams such as Bikini Zone everyday for about a week after hair removal, helps with razor bumps & ingrown hairs (it doesn’t prevent it completely but it significantly helps). However the scarring in that area remains. If I have on a swimsuit, I use make-up to cover the dark spots in that area.

    Will Invicible Scars help to remove the dark spots/scars in my bikini area? If so, can I still use it even if I decide to let my hair grow out–in other words, can I use it in that area even if it is hairy? Last question: what is an ideal step-by-step skin care process for your bikini area? (i.e. STEP 1 – exfoliate, STEP 2 – shave/wax/Nair, STEP 3 – topical cream/medication everyday until hair grows back etc)

    Here are some products I’ve been thinking about trying:
    -Tend Skin
    -Bliss – Ingrown Hair Pads
    -Completely Bare – Bikini Bump pads
    -Completely Bare – Hair Growth Inhibitor

  34. Hi… Ive been shaving since i was in 8th grade and im just now developing dark spots on my chin and sideburn area… I shave with razors and clippers.. I dont think i can afford this product i really need help

  35. Hi… I shave my bikini like because I get a lot of hair there . I shave so that when I’m wearing bikinis in the summer you can’t see the hair . But every time I shave I get darks spots and hiperpigmentation .. when I wear a bikini that looks weird too ! Is there anything I can do to lighten the dark spots . I’ve cut down my shaving process as much as possible

  36. cozy cool says

    I’m sorry but nothing has seemed to work at all. For the last 20 years I have developed the scars and dark marks from razor bumps and I tried everything but to no avail. I do believe that the only and last thing for me to try/do is have the laser surgery and then the lightening cream to help it afterwards. This marks 95% of them , are only on my throat area and the other 5% are on the left lower side of my jaw line and has been here since around 1997….any other suggestions Doctor[s] ?

  37. So I’m a 17 year old girl and the back of my left thigh is a bunch of black spots, probably from shaving, but I’ve had this dark patch of crap for as long as I can remember. When I let my hair grow out throughout the winter I can see 2-3 hairs growing out of one thing. And it’s super hairy when it’s growing out. It’s my number one insecurity in the summer time. I hate wearing shorts. Help pls

  38. how do i get rid of black spots on the crotch

    • First make sure that they are not abnormal in shape, as you want to make sure it is not something more serious like skin cancer. If they are not, then apply a cream with a stable form of Vitamin C. If you keep shaving/waxing this area, the spots will come back.

  39. hello, I had lots of hair inside my skin which wouldn’t come out so I could shave them, that’s why I had so many dark spots on my legs. One day I took the hair out, my skin is healed and the spots gone lighter but they haven’t gone away totally. Can you PLEASE tell me how I can make them go away. I have tried lemon juice but it didn’t work. Can you also help me how I can make my underarm look lighter.

  40. Hi. I have many dark spots on my bikini area too. Had no idea the years of waxing was the cause :(. For now, I’ve been plucking now and thought this was a better option. I’ve also been using topical creams to improve the skin. From your threads above, why is plucking bad or going to cause more dark spots? It seems to pull the hair completely with no issues and a much softer approach to the skin? Thanks!

    • Hi Rosie, pulling the hair out causes trauma to the skin which triggers the body to react and try to heal itself. Sometimes it then overproduces melanin during the process, which results in dark spots.

  41. Stuti Bhavsar says

    Hi I regularly wax my leg which has caused ingrown hairs all over my leg and the spots due to ingrown hair. How can i get rid of that spots. Will this spots dissapear. How can i treat them?

    • Hi Stuti, each time you wax the hair, it causes trauma to the skin which can result in hyperpigmentation. You can apply a Vitamin C treatment to the affected areas daily for 3 months to see fading – however, if you are continuing to wax during that time, you will not see results.

  42. Hi so about a month ago I got an ingrown hair on left breast and after it was gone it left a pretty ugly scar which makes me really insecure and I’m wondering if those ever go away? If so how long does that usually take and what can I do to help speed up the process?

  43. I have always had these dark spots round my bikini area and i feel so insecure about it when i try to get intimate…i would like them to go away permanently so the vitamin C,in what form?

    • Hi Shancy, do you shave, wax or tweeze the area regularly? If you do, this will continue to injure the skin and can cause further hyperpigmentation. If you are not doing any of that, that a scar treatment with a stable form of Vitamin C is best. Just remember, it takes about 3 months to fade dark spots.

  44. Hi about a year ago I started shaving and I got red spot around my mouth which turned to black.. but i feel like it’s fading but still I want to remove it completely and i need your advice…

  45. Hi,
    About 6 years ago when I noticed there was hair beginning to grow on my stomach, I began to shave it. There were a few bumps here and there but then I began to get lots of ingrown hairs which I would pick at and they turned into scars or dark spots. I’ve researched about what to do to in order to completely get rid of the scarring and dark ingrown hairs, but there seems to be nothing online to help the severity of my situation. It’s just something I’m super insecure about. I hate changing in front of other girls because I try to hide my dark hairy belly. I don’t have the freedom to wear a crop top or bikini. I was thinking the only way for me to get it fixed is surgery to remove the layer of my skin or seeing a dermatologist. But I know there’s another way! Please help if you can.

  46. Hello I’m 18 years old African American female and I have been shaving ever since I grew hair on my bikini area . I got ingrown hairs instantly when I started shaving but I thought they would go away but then they started to look like a pimple so I pop them which now looking back out me in the situation I’m in now , anyways I kept shaving and now at 18 I am digusted with myself I can’t wear bikini or show off to my boyfriend like I want. I have puss and dark spots and sometimes the ingrown hair get warm I tried witch hazel but it doesn’t seem like it working what should I do ? Surgery? Or dermatologist? I Went to my OBGYN about but she just said stop shaving and warm compress which didn’t work at all .

    • Hi Chela, exfoliating prior to shaving can help decrease ingrown hairs. Or instead of shaving, you may want to go to a professional waxer who will be able to better assist prior to and after waxing off the hair.

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