Are Second Degree Burn Scars Permanent?

Are Second Degree Burn Scars Permanent?

A second-degree burn is one that affects the outer two layers of skin. The epidermis (outer layer) and dermis (the layer underneath) both sustain injury in a second-degree burn. This type of burn may be minor or it may be more serious, depending on the size of the area burned and where on the body the burn occurs. Minor second-degree burns may be self-treated; major ones require immediate medical attention.

A second-degree burn usually takes no more than a few weeks to heal. If it is a minor burn, it may not leave a noticeable scar. However, a deeper burn of this type may result in scarring or even contractures near joints. Contractures can cause reduced mobility in the scarred area.

These burns may be caused when the skin comes into contact with something that is extremely hot, such as fire, hot liquid, steam, or a hot object; this is the most common cause of second-degree burns. Other causes include radiation (such as that from sunlight or cancer treatments), electricity, or chemicals. Symptoms include severe pain, redness, blistering of the skin, discoloration of the skin, and swelling.

A scar from a second degree burn is permanent, just like any other scar. However, there are steps you can take to dramatically improve the appearance of the scar over time. Minimizing your burn scar begins with proper treatment of the burn. Preventing infection is the most important first step to take as the burn heals.

Silicone is highly effective as a burn scar treatment. Once the burn has healed, you can immediately begin using a scar therapy that contains silicone to ensure the scar heals to be as light, flat, and minimally visible as possible. A silicone-based cream can be easy and convenient to use and less cumbersome than silicone sheeting. Be sure to apply the cream regularly – at least twice a day for 12 weeks or longer – for the best results.

In addition to silicone, your scar treatment should contain other ingredients that are known to heal and fade scars and improve the symptoms they can sometimes cause, such as pain and itching. Aloe vera is soothing and natural, and great for keeping the scar area moisturized. Linoleic acid, licorice extract, and vitamin C are just a few of the ingredients you should look for in your scar treatment. These ingredients are safe and effective and work with the silicone to lighten and flatten even dark or red scars.

You should take the utmost care to protect your burn scar from the sun, as sunlight can cause your scar to darken. Often, people try to camouflage a scar by getting a suntan, but this typically has the opposite result: the scar can become permanently darker and even more conspicuous after sun exposure. Make sure to wear sunscreen and keep the burned area covered when you are going to be outdoors.

Getting plenty of exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, and avoiding smoking will also help your scar heal and fade. If you have sustained a second-degree burn severe enough to leave a scar, the scar will be permanent – but taking these actions will ensure that it heals as well as it possibly can, making it nearly invisible in many cases.

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  1. The information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please speak to your doctor to treat any medical condition. Information on this site is not intended to be patient education, does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Ritika Sharma says

    I hve burnt scar on mah left brest it looks brown dark..plz suggest me ointment nd ur guidance for removing it permanently thanku

    • Hi Ritika, scars are permanent, but you can minimize their appearance. We suggest InviCible Scars.

      • I have pink and dark marks from the steam of the fire as the fire didn’t burn me directly but the steam… So the doctors made me a skin draft in my left arm and left side back… So I want to know what can I use for for my skin draft to heal faster and be almost like the not burnt skin…I need Something I can use for the for the pink marks in my neck and dark marks in my neck and few areas of my body… Cause it use be itchy too much but now its itchy some times but the pink and dark marks are still there but in other sides pinks marks have Been closing but some small areas are not fully closed… Please guys I hate the pink and dark marks so please help what can I use to get rid of them

        • Hi Alex, have you tried using a scar treatment with Vitamin C? If you have, you’ll need to use it consistently twice per day for several months to begin to see a difference in the appearance of your scar. You’ll also need to always wear sunscreen to help protect these areas from UV rays (the sun can darken scarring.) The itchiness comes from healing and it should subside over time.

    • Akomeah Michael says

      Pls my child is one year and he had burn from hot water,will that be permanent and if yes what will i do?

      • Hi Akomeah, sorry to hear this about your child. Unfortunately, all scars are permanent, but you can minimize how they appear. Since this is for a little one, you should discuss with your pediatrician which products are best suitable for their skin. Two things we highly recommend in addition to a scar treatment, is scar massage (this will help soften the burn scar so that it is not as rigid) and applying sunscreen (this will help prevent the scar from getting darker.)

      • Mommabear405 says

        Did he get 2nd or 3rd degree burns ? My 7 year old also got burn with scalding water a year ago he suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns

  3. HI I Have 2nd degree burns on my arm and and boiling oil they are healing slowly blistering and bleeding and are painful.sometimes. Will I.need a skin graft as they are 3 inches big?

    • Hi Nita, Most burn injuries like the ones you are describing don’t need skin grafting. However, it’s impossible to be sure without a proper evaluation from a physician. Please see a doctor – you need to make sure you are doing everything you need to do so things heal properly and you decrease the risk of complications like infection.

  4. hi i use garlic paste and i got a scar now the wound is healed totally but the scar remain i use kojic skin lightening cream but i think its getting darker… pls help me out from the scar…

    • Hi Kaustav, unfortunately one of the possible side effects of kojic acid, is that it darkens the scar instead of lightening it. Additionally, kojic acid makes your skin more sensitive to UV rays, which can also darken your scar. If you haven’t tried InviCible Scars yet (which includes licorice root extract and Vitamin C to lighten your scar), we recommend giving it a try.

    • Hi kaustav! How is your scars now? Did they fade away ?

  5. Jacqueline cardona says

    I sustained airbag burns from a car accident about a month ago & the doctor removed the burned skin & now my skin is healed but the skin is pink with dark dots on the area. The doctor removed the skin that was burned because he said it would be better, he called the burns superficial. I have been applying vitamin e cream but not sure if it’s helping Will my skin ever go back to normal skin color? Is there anything I can do? Or any remedy I can buy & use?
    Any advice would help.

    • Hi Jacqueline, the burn scar will take 1-2 years to fully heal and initially the area will be pink. We don’t recommend Vitamin E, as it may be good for anti-aging, it does not work to minimize scars. Additionally, Vitamin E can cause contact dermatitis. Have you tried InviCible Scars yet? It contains Vitamin C and Licorice Root Extract to fade the discoloration, aloe vera and EFA’s to keep it moisturized and silicone to help soften/flatten the scar. If the airbag burn is on your face, once the area has healed, you should apply sunscreen with SPF 30+ daily, 365 days a year, as UV rays can permanently darken the affected area.

  6. hi, I have a second degree burn on my leg for the past 10 years will this silicone work for me?

  7. I got bunred with hot tea on my face..will that leabe scar permanently

    • Hi Sia, that’s difficult to predict as it would depend on how hot the tea was. It could have just scoulded your skin. In the meantime, use aloe on your face to help with any inflammation and if it looks like the hot tea has left marks, then move onto using a scar treatment to help minimize the scarring.

  8. kojic acid? What will happen if i use? Also should i use vasline?

  9. Okay so when I was in 5th grade I got a second degree burn from hot boiling water my mom didn’t get it treated like after a long time but then we when to a dermatologist I was getting treatment for it sadly we stopped going it was getting expensive but it was almost getting even with my skin was still a little pink /brown I was upset because I felt ugly with it …. It’s the size of a quarter on my chest it’s beginning to fade like my skin tone but still can see some pink/brown in the middle . I have had it for so long almost 7 years I was hoping someone could recommend some scar creams ?

  10. had Ipl treatment on face ,sun exposure left my burnt & want go away can u help please

  11. Thank you invicible scars I have read through your write up I must say you are doing a great job. I have a large scar covering my forearm and its been about six years now,the scars are still swollen and white,I need advice on what to use in fading the scar permanently or at least reduce the swelling to its barest minimum.

    • Hi Vicki, a white scar is a hypo-pigmented scar – which means that your body didn’t produce enough melanin when healing. As for still being swollen, a scar should not be swollen after 6 years. We’d advise that you speak to your doctor to look into why it is still swollen.

  12. Erena Godwin says

    I had a burn skin In my stomach an my hand an it bringin black an white on surface, y some side is fully red, tel me wat to do pls

  13. Hii have a burn that left a 2 liitle scars from cooking on my fingers what should I do

  14. Deepti Chaturvedi says

    I burnt my skin a month back when boiling hot tea fell on my thighs. I have been applying aloevera gel and almond oil. The blisters have gone but the tea has left brown second degree burn marks on my thighs. How can I get rid of them?

  15. Hi
    I had velashape / radio frequency treatmeny performed on my arms. Unfortunately it went too hot and left my arm with a few blisters and burn marks. The therapist said they would go away in a few days but they didn’t. It scanned and left dark red and brown marks on my arm. They said its my skin type which causes hyperpigmrntation and they gave me hydroquoine cream and silicone gel to use everyday. The marks seem to have faded a bit but I can’t see dramatic difference everyday and this is the 7th week. Please help me, will those marks be permanet ? I have very fair asian skin.


    • Hi Jenny, scars are always permanent – however you can fade and minimize their appearance considerably so that they are barely noticeable. We are in favor of silicone gel (InviCible Scars contains silicone), however we advise against hydroquinone for fading scars due to being unsafe. You can read more here: Scars take between 1-2 years to completely heal, so 7 weeks won’t render a dramatic difference. It does take about 12 weeks of consistent use of a scar treatment that contains the right ingredients to begin to show a difference in fading the hyperpigmentation. Use it consistently for the full two years, along with sunscreen to protect the scar from darkening.

  16. sekhar sahay says

    today i got brunt of hot steam when i was opening the cover of pressure coocker without realsing the hot steam…and i got brunt on my face some marks in my forehead n below left eye n right side of neck…
    Plz plz…….tell me in how many days the marks will b gone totally…

    • Hi Sekhar, It’s impossible to give a timeline without a formal evaluation from your doctor to determine the extent of your injury. Everyone heals differently and all scars are unique in the way they heal.

    • Hi sekar
      How is ur face?
      Is it back to normal?
      I got the same experience as u and now left with the darker pink colour on my face.
      I dont know how many weeks will it go back to normal.

  17. hi i gor a second degree burn and the dead skin i took it off an some of the area under it is red an some has little spots on tht are painful wat shuld i do

  18. I have a second degree burn from sitting on a heater when I was 8 and now I’m 29 but I still have the unattractive marks on my butt and I feel so uncomfortable. Is there anything I can use to reduce the darkness of my scars?

  19. I have a garlic burn on my face. The redness has healed long back ..But it left dark scars on my face which looks really very horrible! The doctor suggested me to use MEMOREX but I dint find any change 🙁 🙁 ..! Can you plz help me out !! 🙁

  20. Rochelmarcos says

    I have a second degree burn scars.and its color white and reddish im scared that my scar woulb be permanently..I hope you could help me..thank you

    • Hi Rochel, underfortunately any time there is a wound to the skin, it is permanent. The best that can be done is to take steps to fade and minimize its appearance. White scars are the lightest they can go. For a red scar, you can use a scar treatment to help fade the discoloration.

  21. Hi just over a year ago I dropped boiling hot water on my thighs. At the time they were red, weeping and blistering and were bandaged. Soon after healing I noticed a lump under the skin where the burn happened. It is noticeable. The area is also discoloured. I have been to the doctor who said it may be scar tissue. She said it is harder than she would like but doesn’t think it is anything to worry about. She has said if it gets bigger to go back and she will scan it. I can feel it pulling and it is slightly uncomfortable. Now I’m worried, should I be or does this happen sometimes after a burn. Thank you

  22. hot grease was through on me and it burnt the side of my arm and on my chest now it has turned on dark black try to see what could I do to minimize the scare
    or do I need to go to the hospital it happen friday

  23. Hi, about one year before, I got burnt while taking steam. The burnt healed within a week but it has left some scar. I am noticing that the scar has turned lighter. But I really want it to disappear. Will any scar removal cream help? Also is aloe vera going to help?

  24. I burnt my hand April 2 and it is healed but it still has white spots and I wanted to know if there was anything I can do to make the scar more invisible

    • Hi Jonathan, a white scar means that your body didn’t produce enough pigment during the healing process. There is nothing that can be done with a topical treatment for a white scar, however many people consider tattooing the scars/spots flesh colored.

  25. Hi, umm this is kinda really personal for me, but when I was a teen I got burnt really bad on an area on my body I don’t really want to say. It was a extremely hot water burn. It healed over time, but it left a really, really dark scar covering that whole area. When I’m undressed I don’t let my boyfriend see that area cause I hate seeing it myself and don’t want him to feel weird. Is there something I can use to help this burn go away. I’m a medium skin tone so you really can tell its a burn, big time 🙁 please help, I hate this

  26. Hi I got second degree burn from boiling water on my face and my upper and lower arm it has been 6 days now since the accident happened , it’s still swollen and red I’m putting egg white on it and I’m using coconut oil also on it. Is it okay to use invisible scar on it now?

    • Hi Nikki, egg whites won’t do anything for it – you’ll really want to go with aloe vera to help with the inflammation. Coconut oil is good for keeping it hydrated. Wait until the wound itself is no longer open to apply InviCible Scars.

      • Hi I also got burns on my face and upper body from hot water. It was 3 days ago. The only visible signs of burns were on my forehead (the outer layer of my skin was burned of and revealed a white layer of skin). The rest of my face had a darker layer of skin which is now peeling off and revealing a lighter skin (lighter than my skim tone). When I woke up this morning, the areas around my eyes and between my eyes (above my nose) was so swollen I couldn’t go to school. I didnt mind the scars but the swelling makes me so ugly i cant get out of the house! Do u know if the swelling will ever go away? And after how long? Also, do u have Invincible scars in south Africa?

        • Hi Dee, the swelling is inflammation from the burn. Yes, it eventually will decrease. It’s just your body’s reaction to the injury. Have you tried applying aloe to combat the inflammation? If the skin revealed from the burn is lighter than your skin tone, this is called hypopigmented – it means your body healed the injury without pigment. However, 3 days is too soon to tell. Make sure to apply sunscreen to your face daily to protect it and we recommend a Vitamin C scar treatment for your face. Unfortunately, InviCible Scars is not available in South Africa (unless Amazon UK ships there.)

  27. I applied garlic paste on my face a month ago to remove moles but instead of removing mole it leaves scar. how long it will take to fade away such scars. I’m applying spf50+ cream on doctors advice.

  28. Hi, 15 days back I have applied garlic to acne on my face(right cheek) , it has burnt nd became 2nd degree scar. In Feb 11th my engagement vl be there. Doctor told me to do for chemical peeling….. Will it remains permanently? Within 3 months my wedding day also will come…. I’m very worried…. Pls help me

  29. Hi,
    A week ago I burnt my arm with hot oil. I used Vaseline and Gentian Violet on it initially and after the blistering and bleeding, the area is getting dry and my outter skin is falling off turning my skin to pink. I’m dark in complexion being an African. I want to know if my skin will ever get back to its original colour and also medications to aid it.

    • Hi Thaddeus, it’s too soon to tell since it has only been a short span of time. It takes about 1-2 years for a scar to completely heal. Be sure to apply a scar treatment during the healing process and eat a diet rich in Vitamin C, copper and zinc.

  30. i use garlic paste on my eyes skin. and also use tape for fix it. now my eyes become swell and a garlic burn mark on my eyes. what i can do for cure it. plz mail me.

    • Hi Krishna, you shouldn’t be using garlic or tape on your eyes – this is why you had swelling and burning. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and should be treated with care. Apply a very thin layer of neosporin to help with the resulting burn.

    • u did d same think like me howz ur under eye area now please tell me

  31. i have a second degree burn on my stomach from fire it is about two weeks and the wound has turned black but the other part in whch the skin is peeling off is red inside and it is very itchy what shoul i do???

  32. demarcus harris says

    I’ve had a scar on my face the size of a quarter for 8 years and it has darkened and is not even with my skin tone and i have used fade creams but haven’t seen any results and feel ugly with it because its like right there what can help it fade so that it barely looks visible ?

    • Hi Demarcus, have you been wearing sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 since the scar formed? If you haven’t, then the sun is to blame for the darkening of your facial scar and this is the reason why there hasn’t been a scar treatment that has worked for you yet. You’ll need to apply a scar treatment and then sunscreen over it daily going forward. Depending on the how dark the scar is, this could take up to 12 weeks to see a difference. Just keep applying the scar treatment and wearing sunscreen until it has faded – it may not fade completely back to your skin tone, but you should see some degree of fading that is noticeable. Once it has significantly faded, you will then have to only apply sunscreen on a daily basis when your face will be exposed to the sun. The UV rays can reverse any fading that the scar treatment had done.

  33. i have a painless second degree burn blister on my bottom lip from yesterday, and i accidentally ran my teeth over my lip when i woke up today and the the blister came off, it doesn’t hurt, but will this leave a scar? and what can i do to?

  34. hello .. i have burn myself on my face with iron on the 29th of Febuary. i ran water on the burn area. the i applied aloe vera gelly on it. it has not blister and has not been like a pop up thing where there is water and i did not even peel the burn part. it has been peeled off partly by itself when i applied the gelly. it turned red.. then slowly it turn into pink. but after i week it turn like brown. I consult to a general doctor , he advised me to use mebo cream on in my burn.
    My question is that will the scar go away ? if medcine is applied regularly will it go? and how much time will it take? am stressed about the mark it has make.. am fair in cmplextion.

    • Hi Diya, Mebo cream is like an antibiotic cream that helps protect the wound from infection and also keeps it hydrated. It will not, however, fade your scar, as it does not have ingredients to do this. Once your wound has healed with the Mebo cream, begin applying a scar treatment, but also make sure you are applying sunscreen SPF 30 daily – especially since this scar is on your face. The sun will darken it and make it redder. The scar treatment, if you are using InviCible Scars, should take about 4 weeks to start seeing a difference, but up to 12 weeks to completely fade it. The sunscreen you will have to apply all the time going forward to avoid it going dark again.

    • Hi diya
      How is it now?
      Is the pink colour go back to normal?

  35. Kiranjeet kaur says

    Hello….. I had got burned with hot oil in a age of 3 years old. Now I am of 24 years. Burn marks are permanent on my arms and back. Plz suggests me to get rid from these burn marks plz plz plz ..

  36. I had a hit water burn yesterday and am using silver derma cream on it, will it help or should I add gentian violet because the burn is huge

    • Hi Oluchi, just make sure that you’ve applied an antibiotic ointment until the scab has fallen off (do not take it off yourself.) Then you can begin applying a scar treatment regularly, twice a day. Make sure to apply sunscreen when exposed to the sun so that it does not permanently darken your burn scar.

  37. Hello,

    My friend daughter who is 3 yrs old has been burnt on her face, arm & chest. She got hot oil on top of her as she was playing. I am worried about her will she get permanent marks on her face or we can get rid of it through some treatment or surgery. Here doctor has told her 1st layer skin has been damaged, they have done one operation as well but here the doctor said there will me some difference in her original skin & marks it will be visible about 10 to 20%

    Can we remove the burnt marks from her face or make in invisible ?

    Please advice

    • Hi Yusuf, applying a scar treatment can help fade her scars more. The most important thing your friend can do for her daughter is to use sunscreen on her scars daily to prevent further darkening and redness from the sun. She should also do scar massage so that the scars become soft and flexible.

  38. So. About 3 weeks ago my husband was putting some pvc pipe together and apparently wiped pvc solvent from his hand on his clothes. Right after he finished with the pipes we went to the store. Walking through the parking lot to the store he grabbed my hand to hold and it touched his clothes. About 20 mins later walking in the store I noticed my hand had started to get blotchy red spot on it. I could not figure out what was causing it. 15 mins or so after I noticed the blotches it started to tingle and sting. Couple hours later I had a section on my hand (about 3″ x 2″) was completely red. And a small part of my upper pinky and lightly around my wedding ring. 3 days later it started to get tiny blisters and was pretty swollen. I’ve used aloe from my plant and wrapped the gel on my hand over night for a few nights. That seemed to help a great deal. I also used tea tree oil and lavender oil to help heal the skin and prevent infection. It has finally finished peeling and seems to be pretty much healed, for the most part. But it’s still really red. And itchy. Doesn’t seem to be fading at all. Is this a scare??? Also I don’t know if it matters but I’m 8 months pregnant. I normally have pretty sensitive skin. And I know during pregnancy your skin is even more sensitive. Will this go away? Or will I need to go to a dermatologist? Thx so much for any advise.

    • Hi Jessica, using aloe right away most likely helped you a lot to counteract the inflammation and give your skin the moisture it needed. You can apply a scar treatment to the red skin and it should help to fade it. The itchiness is normal during the healing process.

  39. saad najib says

    I have burned my skin while cooking drops of hot oil fell on my stomach (i have not wearing a tshirt) 1st they turend dark brown then the blusters were formed now the upper skin is removed but pinksh white sopts are formed please tell me how can i remove such spots or are they removable or not ?

    • Hi Saad, sounds like your burn is starting to heal. White spots means that your scar lacks any pigmentation, there’s no topical treatment that can bring back the color. For the pinkish area – is it close to your skin tone (ie. do you have fair skin or dark skin?)

  40. Raaz Kishore says

    Hello Concern, My hand (below wrist) got burned due to cracker on 11.11.2015. I am facing two types of problem
    1. Hairy area is looking dark.
    2. Non hairy area is looking white near to fingers.
    As per doctor advice I am using Topgraf0.1% for white area to get pigment and Antoxid Hc. But I am not seeing much improvement after 5 months of treatment. Kindly suggest.

    • Hi Raaz, we’re sorry to hear things aren’t going as planned. We’re afraid we can’t provide any further recommendations. Have you expressed your concerns to your dermatologist?

  41. Hi.
    i got scalded by hot water in my legs with wide blisters. i went to the doctor and she removed the dead skin for faster healing and avoiding infection. I have pictures to show you if only i can. Its been two months now but the scar remains white with visible dots for hairs(i think).
    I applied Dermatix for the first 2 weeks and discontinue. Is this permanent already?
    Thank you.

  42. margaret mcdonnell says

    I had a second degree burn after IPL on my face four weeks ago. My cheeks have reddish marks and red spots. Will it ecer fade completely>

  43. Hey I have a second degree burn on my right palm, about a size of a penny and that happened t months ago and I had a huge blister 5 times the size of the scar that I have right now. It changes colour most of the time from red to purple to idk white? Can you help me with what I can do to treat it. I thought that it was still healing so I didn’t bother to check it at the hospital cos they just simply ignore and say “Oh it’s healing that’s okay” but so far everytime I press on the scar it still hurts so I know that it is still healing but the swell won’t deflate any more smaller than a penny. I’ve treated it with aloe vera before but nothing seems to be happening. Please suggest me a way to atleast minimize the size and pain of the scar 🙁

    • Hi Nura, since you mention that you had a huge blister and it is puffy – it may not be a blister, but a hypertrophic or keloid scar. Keloids can be painful and require surgical scar revision to get rid of. You may want to have your dr take another look.

  44. Dear,
    My daughter of 2 year while playing accidently tried to hold hot iron , and iron drop form her hand, and touch her face, we are applying mebo cream, but healing is taking time. now almost 1 month after burn, Please advice when it will heal proper. and there will be scar ??.

    • Hi Faisal, the cream you mentioned is a burn ointment cream. It aids in wound healing, but it is not a scar treatment. Burns do result in scars, but you can minimize their appearance if you care for the wound properly. It sounds like you are the right track by applying the cream. It should have scabbed over by now, try your best not to let your daughter pick at the scab and re-open the wound. Apply a scar treatment, like InviCible Scars, and also apply sunscreen daily as well to prevent the scar from darkening further.

  45. Hi I have a very old scar in my arm (more than 20 years), it was a second degree burn with boiling water. Oringinally doctors werent sure if it was keloid,but Im thinkin not because it has not the particular texture that keloids have. It has improved a little over time, the original reddish color kind of faded away, but it has texture which is what bothers me. Could laser treatments apply to this sort of scar? Im hoping to reduce its appeareance because of the texture/thickness that make it more noticeable. Otherwise would you recomend me any special cream or anything else?

    • Hi Susanna, Topical treatments will likely not help very much, if at all. Laser may be a good option for you. Consult with a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who does a lot of those procedures.

  46. Hi, I spilled hot oil on my hand while cleaning up pots by accident, and the 2nd degree burn is starting to heal. However, the skin is still a bit coarse and there is a spot on my hand (outlined by a skin/pink) that is a btit lighter than my normal skin tone. Also there are little brown dots which may or may not be pores? ALso, 2 spots of my arm have been lightly burned as well, but the darker dead skin is still not coming off without me having to peel it before it heals. ANy advice?

    • Hi Helen, it sounds like you may have a contracture scar. Have you had a dermatologist take a look? In the meantime, do not peel any skin and allow it to fall off/heal on its own.

  47. Hi,
    Two weeks ago, my 5 years old son face got effected by Sulfuric Acid. Plastic surgeon gave an ointment cream and 90% wounds are healed. He suggested to use one week more the same & will later advise the cream for scar.
    Now I can see new pink skin. My question is there will be permanent scar or it will disappear. And what is the total recovery time ?

    • Hi Syed, all scars are permanent, but lifestyle and nutrition can help to minimize the appearance of the scar. It takes 1-2 years for a scar to completely heal. While it may look healed on the outside in a short period of time, there is still healing going on in the other layers of skin.

      The biggest tip we can give you is to make sure he wears sunscreen daily (SPF 30), as the sun can darken the scar.

  48. Hi, I got burned by hot oil and now my healed wound and is sort of a brown color and has little dots.. Been using invicible scars for about 3 weeks now.. Some small spots are a little lighter like pink
    What are the dark little dots and will it fade?

    • Hi Sean, thank you for using our product! The dark dots are hyperpigmentation. Keep applying the lotion twice daily in addition to sunscreen (if it is on an exposed area of the body.) You’ve begun to see some fading in this short time, but it typically takes up to 10 weeks (sometimes a little more) for the treatment to do it’s job.

  49. Hi!
    2 weeks ago i fainted while making tea and my lower lip and jaw came in contact with the teapot(extremely hot) and neck came in contact with the scalding tea.
    I applied toothpaste on the area burnt. And then for the past 2 weeks i have been aplying ratnajot (alkanet powder) along with sesame seeds oil.
    The blisters healed n dead skin came there’s swelling in below one side of the lower lip n whitness. Apart from that..on the other side of the lip there are dark brown patches and on the neck pink colour scar 3 inches long.
    I have read your i know scarring is inevitable..but still if you could help me. That would be great. I can send pictures if required.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Shobita, toothpaste doesn’t have any effect on healing. The oil is likely helping to keep your scar moisturized, which is very important as scar tissue doesn’t not have the ability to do this on its own. Since you mentioned swelling and whiteness, and it has been a few weeks, you may want to have a dermatologist take a look to make sure there isn’t an infection.

  50. I got second degree burns on my chest from when I worked at a fast food restaurant about 6-7 years ago and during warmer weather my skin still starts to scab and looks discolored, why is this still happening? And is there a way to stop this from happening? When I go to the beach I use sun block, but even if I’m at home it does this. I never went to the hospital to have it treated because I was homeless at the time and moving a lot. I don’t care about the scarring I just want to know how to stop my skin from drying up so much and scabing my skin feels like that of a snake during the warmer months of the year.

    • Hi Gabby, Previously burned skin is much more fragile and susceptible to future sunburn so you are right to use sunblock! Be diligent about that. It can also be much drier. Try a daily moisturizer, preferably morning and night. If this keeps happening, please get it checked out by a physician.


    Hi. I was burnt by few drops of cooking oil in my arm. I wasn’t able to wash it right away since I was so focus on cooking and I can tolerate the pain. Now it’s healed however I’ve notice that the area has white marks or spots. I usually get burn while cooking but this time it leaves a Mark. Is this normal? Thank yot

  52. Krystalana says

    Hi about 5 days ago I got burned from opening a pressure cooker I went to the doctor and she gave me an antibacterial cream to rub on it gave me pain med and said it was minor n I wud b fine. These burns hurt like hell but didn’t break the first layer of skin jus scolded it. After a few days the areas became dark n scabby. Now five days later while washing the scabs came off some area are my nml brown completion. But some are pinkish n still a bit itchy. My questions are were these second degree burns and will the pink shiny skin become nml andif so how long will it take ?

    P.S Thank u for ur time

  53. Hello mam
    i also got 5 year girl got burn with hot water sparkled on her forhead it got black it very painful for my child i m looking for some good tratment n would u sugget thanx

    • Hello Hiten, we’d recommend taking her to her pediatrician to make sure the area doesn’t get infected.

      • May I know whether the scars on 2 year old will be curable permanently or not?

        • Hi Riya, there is no permanent solution to scarring, as a scar is permanent itself. It’s an injury to the skin. What can be done is to fade and minimize its appearance. However, based on lifestyle (exercise, wearing sunscreen, eating a vitamin-rich diet) all play a role in how well and how long this minimization lasts.

  54. Hi my child had 1st and 2nd degree facial burns. Her completion is dark, sort of like milk chocolate. The burn has healed but she has some light discoloration to the edges of the site. It has been 7 months since the burn. Is there anything that can help her skin get closer to her natural skin tone

  55. Hii, i burned my arm with oil and then a scab formed which i accidently picked at it and now am left with a brown/ red scar can you please telll me what can i do to reduce it.

  56. I am going on 4wks with a burn that was classified as “deep tissue 2nd, verging on 3rd degree” from spilling boiling water on my inner wrist. I do not trust my current primary doctor and have since made an appt. to establish a new primary, but have yet to be seen again. The initial burns included small “droplets” around the major burn, which is basically the entire thickness of my wrist and about 2in in length. This major burn did not blister and was white and leathery. I could not feel it when touched, and lost hot/cold sensations. I also had some minor burns on top of my wrist where the water rolled to the backside of my wrist, these are healing, did blister and are now small sores/little scarring. My current worry is, even after doing everything I was told to do- antibiotic (which is gone) and applying silver sulfadiazine cream and then wrapping it, it isn’t really healing has become very painful. There are places in the burn that are still desensitized, but other spots have small bright red bumps- almost like goosebumps- and are very painful. When I wrap my burn, which is always wrapped if I am outside my home or sleeping, I have a lot of discharge that is deep yellow/green, but when I am not wrapped the burn is still dry and leathery. The pain is unlike anything I have felt- best described as a severe burning from the tips of my fingers, all over my arm and into my armpit and severe pain when I am touch in the spots that have the bumps. I do not have streaks or redness around the burn however- just some scarring where it’s trying to heal. Most recently I have been having a weird sensation of crawling under my skin directly on this burn and into my upper palm, and a few centimeters below the burn. I have also lost mobility in my wrist and fingers- cannot bend my wrist and cannot make a first or extend my fingers all the way. Now, this morning I woke to severe pain and I am swelling now. My entire hand and forearm are very swollen. I am so uncomfortable and balancing on the edge if I should be seen in the ER- but I don’t want that bill!
    Unfortunately, I do have MCTD (mixed connective tissue disease) and have been told this can hinder healing… I don’t know what to do and I am very worried my original primary doctor gave me faulty advice.. Should I have been referred to a burn unit and/or should I make a trip to the ER?

  57. Hi i had an accident where i fell out a car and the skin came off my foot it’s taking a long time to heal, what should i do to increase healing and how long before my skin go back to normal?

    • Hi Meli, the healing process depends on quite a few factors like age, health, lifestyle (diet and exercise.) If you search around this blog, you’ll find quite a few articles on the topic that should help you.

  58. Gabe Adelani says

    I have a dark scar at the back of my palm and it’s very visible how can I make it less visible or if possible not visible at all.
    Can you please suggest a cream which I can use

  59. I’m 18 years old ,Female
    11 days earlier i had a horrible upperlip katori wax experience as salon i visited she was untrained lady she burned my skin and at that time i was not aware of that my akin had burnt but skin was very itching and the next day it be black in color now its 11 dats and my skin is normal in feeling but i have bug black scar on my upper lips 😔😔 which is looking like muchache i feel so embarraced going outside i have tried homemade wats bt i dont think they are working good now i’m using mederma cream i had bought it yesterday only i’m vety tensed as festivals are coming after 10 dys i just want toake them dissappear please suggest me a very working way 😔

    • Hi Akanksha, it sounds like your body is going through the normal steps of healing the burn. The black mark is hyperpigmentation and can be faded with a vitamin c treatment. You should be wearing sunscreen over the scar as well to prevent it from further darkening in the sun.

  60. i have 2nd digre gas burn it is 2 month and iam using nivea creme ither more beter creme to ricover my skin fast and safliy

  61. Hi! I burned my leg on a muffler on a motorcycle while I was wearing shorts.It is a second degree burn that I’ve had for the past three months.It doesn’t hurt anymore but I wonder if the brownish/purplish scar will ever go away. Thanks! And please reply

  62. I hve burnt scar on nose it looks brown dark..plz suggest me a natural treatment nd ur guidance for removing it permanently thanku

  63. Amit tripathi says

    I am amit , now i am 21 years old
    In my childhood i burnt from hot boiled milk on my face
    Now on my face very big and dark burn spots making me badlook
    How i treat it ?
    Pls suggest

  64. Hello,
    I have a scar on the arm because of oil pouring over my arm and i peeled of the dead skin(scab) when my skin was healing will invisible cream help to fade the mark?
    because you do mention to not pick at the dead skin while healing and i want to confirm if this cream will help even after this

    • Hi Marium, yes, InviCible can still help to fade the dark mark. Depending on the size and depth of the scar, it may take 12 weeks or longer. Since it sounds like you have a burn scar, make sure to do scar massage when apply our (or any) scar treatment. This will help to break up the hardened tissue underneath that burns can cause.

  65. Hi i suddenly burn my legs becouse of pouring vet hot coffee and after healing my burn it leaves a such a big scar on my legs it become whiter than my skin it looks like i lost my first layer of my skin.. can you suggest any cream or home remedy to bring back my lost skin? Please !

  66. Hi,
    6weeks ago I burned my hand because of boiling oil.
    I kept it under water for a couple of hours and used anti-skininfection, it healed after 3weeks. But the parts where I have burned my hand while the sleeve of my sweater was on it. Is still red. When I go outside and it’s really cold the whole area the red parts and the ones that are almost the same colour as my skin become red/purple. Is there any chance that it won’t leave any scars?

  67. I did the salt and ice challenge and now i have a burn on my legs. It’s in a small circle shapped, do you know how long it will last or how to treat it?

    • Not familiar with the salt and ice challenge, but make sure to apply aloe regularly to treat the inflammation. It may eventually fade on its own or you may need a scar treatment to help.

  68. Poonam pawar says

    When I was 5 year old I burned from my chest side . Now I m getting marriage after 2 month s my marriage .I m soo worried about this .if I have to face some problem for this . Plz suggest me what should I do for this

    • Hi Poonam, burn scars vary in degree and it will depend on which type of burn, if you have contracture scars, etc. as to what can be done. Have you spoken with your dr? There is no quick fix for burn scars, unfortunately.

  69. 19 days ago I was near a raging fire and incurred second degree burns to my forehead. Doctor prescribed silverden but it made my whole face swell up. Afterwards I was prescribed bacitracin zinc and that helped a lot. 3 weeks later I still have marks on the middle of my forehead. The area as a whole is still slightly pink and puffy. Should I still be using the bacitracin zinc or something else to treat this?

  70. The area of my eyes is so dark due to prolong usage of bleaching creams and it’s so scary. Have stopped the creams for more than two years bt it’s still very dark

  71. I got burnt while opening the pressure cooker about 2 days ago….its a second skin burn..can being a vegetarian make it heal?

    • Hi Keziah, being a vegetarian is good in the sense that you eat healthily and that plays an important role in scar healing. However, for a second degree burn, you should see your dr. to make sure you don’t need any prescription treatment or that it doesn’t become infected.

  72. sarvesh keshri says

    hi, I have second degree burn on my half face from fire when i was 6 years old. Now i’m 19 years old but the scars is here on my face.what should i do for removing the scars.

  73. I got this scar on my body for the last 20 years due to cooking do I remove the scar..please help me otherwise thank you..the colour of the scar is brownish

  74. My son got burned from a space heater on his upper abdomen it happend about 3/4 weeks ago . it faded well on the outside but the inside is still pinkish red . ive been putting a cream with vitamin a,d and , e on it as well as scar bandaids. How long do you think it will heal and gow well will it heal?

    • Hi Kylee, scars take 1-2 years to heal completely (both inside and out.) Vitamin E is good for moisturizing (which scars do need), but won’t do much more than that. Try a scar cream with Vitamin C and silicone. When using a scar treatment, it is best to use it twice per day for 12 weeks or more (since it is a burn, it may take longer.) There’s a good review on a burn scar here. Additionally, in the summer when he is wearing a swimsuit, you will want to make sure he always has broad spectrum sunscreen applied to the area to prevent darkening from the sun. Scars darken from UV rays, but do not fade like normal skin would from a tan.

  75. abhilakh singh yadav says

    My little sister 20 years ago was burned left leg of warm tea . Hey white spots (size-3 to 4 cm) near Little Finger. One month after my sister’s wedding. So Please help me. White spots tell a Best Cream ointment

  76. Hi,

    I burnt my both hands in hot water few weeks ago, from which I have black scars on both hands. The scars sometime bled a little too. However, no bleeding or pain now, but the scar is spreading all over my hand.
    Please advice what can be done.

    Thank you in advance for your time.


    • Hi Nav scars don’t spread, unless your scar is becoming a keloid. Burns scars take a bit to heal (more than a few weeks), since the water was hot enough to take off layers of skin. While the wound is healing, use an antibiotic cream like Neosporin to help prevent infection. Once the wound has closed, you can begin applying a silicone scar treatment for several months (or longer) until the scar has faded and minimized in appearance.

  77. I burned myself a few days ago with scolding hot water from a pot that fell on my thighs and crotch area parts of my stomach and got second degree burn I put aloe leaf plant and hemp oil on my skin and it’s already healing some of the color is already coming back I reply again in a month to let you know if my skin returns back to normal all the way

  78. Pooja jaswal says

    Hi, i use garlic paste on my face for 10m almost to remove acné scars. But its getting garlic scars its look red pls suggest me any cream

  79. I have an burn from an ice pack and it has been a week since I got burned. The wound is healing well. My dermis is pink in color, but my epidermis is darker from the burn. Should I peel the dark skin off or just let it peel on its own?

  80. I got a 2nd degree burn 3 summers ago on my hand from hot oil. Now the scar is still visible but I have a “fingertip” size bump on hand and I hate it. Its thicker than the rest of the skin. How do I get ride of it, it has been there for such a long time.

    • Hi Nicole, is the bump within the bounds of the initial burn, or does it expand out past it? Within the bounds means it is a hypertrophic scar and past it means it is a keloid. There’s different treatments depending on the type.

  81. In school i was welding with a cutting torch. The medal table started getting hot. So i moved my stuff away. As i did this I forgot to tern the torch off. So the hot torch was on my flannel of my left arm. I notice the heat in my arm and act “kinda” fast. I turn it off. Told my teacher and put water on it. I tried wrap but the skin kept healing and attaching to the non-stick wraps and band-adds. So I let ed it heal on its own. Thing was on Dec, 16 last year. its still greatly dark.
    Note the torch did not get me the most it was the hot medal table, worked on it for a long time then normal. So the medal table could not cool down much.

  82. Hello,
    I burned both of my thighs about six months ago with boiling hot tomato sauce. The burns were on the front part of my thighs and were diagnosed as second degree and some third degree. Six months later and I still have redness from the burn. Will that redness ever go away and how long will it take? I have been using Mederma and vitamin e oil. Will it ever go away and can you also explain why it takes so long for it to heal? Will I need some type of scar therapy? what can I do to speed up the process of the pigmentation going back to normal?

    • Hi Julie, Vitamin E does not fade scars. Burns take a long time to heal, especially severe burns. Most scars take 1-2 years, so you are still in the beginning stages. Aside from the discoloration, you should be doing something to soften those burn scars so that they do not become contracture scars (inflexible.) Aggressive scar massage, therapeutic ultrasound, physical therapy — all can help. As for the discoloration, if you haven’t tried InviCible Scars yet, it is effective at fading red scars (Vitamin C + silicone.) Again – it will take you a while of using it to see results due to the severity of your burns. Lastly, are you applying sunscreen over the burns when exposed to the sun? It is highly recommended.

  83. Roshan Sinha says

    I burnt my face in childhood due to Fire… Now I m 25 years old…. Is there any solution for mark on my face

  84. yogesh rah says

    I have burn from oil in my face 20 year old spot my age is 24 and that’s way on burn side I have no Beard can u tell me what candid or cream remove the burn spot and get the bread

  85. Hello i have just burnt my hand on very hot metal. It is red as it is fresh. Any advice to prevent scarring or pigment change

  86. I burned my left thumb while opening up the top of a single serving mini grill. There are 2 scars line, both of them are like white hard bubble and I don’t know what I should put on to heal them. They don’t hurt unless I rub them too hard.

  87. will Aloe Vera prevent scars on new healed burn wound.

    • Hi Lee, aloe vera will help with inflammation and keep the area moisturized, which is great, but it will not prevent a burn scar. With any burn, you will have scarring, but it’s how you treat the area during and after the wound has healed that will make the biggest difference.

  88. Hi, about a week ago i burned myself on parts of my hands some of my ears and face. they were 2nd degree burns but the burns on my face are almost gone its just a light pink color almost fading into my skin color. will it scar?

    • well the burns are completely gone on my face its just a light pink mark where it once was, this was a week ago.

    • Hi Manuel, a second degree burn is very likely to scar. It takes about 2 months for the wound to heal, so 1 week is not enough time to gauge how it will turn out. If it is not peeling or oozing, you should begin applying a scar treatment to minimize the scarring.

  89. sanketparik says

    i got a black mark on my face after burn its just 15 day’s old how to fix it

  90. My son received a pretty severe 2nd degree burn (parts were possibly 3rd degree) on 12/26/16. He received a lot of different treatments but now it is healing nicely. The outer parts have become normal colored again but the worst part is still pretty red. We were told that it could take a year to become normal skin colored again (if at all). Is this true? Can we look for it to continue to get better until next Christmas?

    Also, it has started to get a dark blue/purple spot in the middle of the worst part of the burn. This has only started about a week ago and seems to be getting a bit larger. It’s been 16 weeks of healing which has been progressing great, is this black/blue color under the skin normal? My son has not complained about it and doesn’t seem to notice at all (he just turned 3). Thank you!

    • Hi Stacey, yes, scars can take anywhere from 1-2 years to fully heal. What you see on the outside isn’t necessarily an indication of how much it has healed under the skin. Have you applied a scar treatment during this time? The darkening of a scar, especially a burn, is completely normal. However, since your son is only a toddler, it might be best to have his pediatrician be sure that it is not more than the typical healing process. If his dr indicates it is normal, then this is called hyperpigmentation. This requires a vitamin c base scar treatment to fade it. Since it is a severe burn, it could take several months of use. Also, since it is a burn, we highly recommend scar massage to help prevent them from becoming contracture scars. If these burns scars are anywhere that could be exposed to the sun in the warmer months (legs, face, arms, etc.) please apply sunscreen SPF 50 regularly. UV rays can darken scars that won’t fade like a normal tan.

  91. Hi , im 30 now, while i was 12years old i got allergy for using septron tablet, and my upper right lip got bulged and used certain medicine prescribed by dermatologist and bulge was healed but it left the white scar on my upperlip… Is there any medicine for this or should i go for a surgery ????

    • Hi Vinay, there isn’t a topical cream to bring back pigment to a white spot. You could speak with your dermatologist to see if there is any treatment they can recommend.

  92. Hi! I know this thread is old, but i just want to ask. I had 2nd degree burn from hot water. I can say that it’s all healed but there are white patches and some pink ones too. Is it safe if i will put a tattoo over it? Thank you!

  93. Paul McCloy says


    Really finding your Q&A useful so please keep up the good work.

    I got a tattoo one year ago which unfortunately left some scarring on my forearm. I’ve been using silicon gel sheets to flatten which is doing ok but I struggle in the heat. I keep my tat and scars covered using spf50 arm sleeves but will I be able to eventually expose my arm to direct sunlight after the scars have matured (2 years?)



    • Hi Paul, if you struggle with silicone sheets in the heat, you may want to try a silicone gel that will absorb into your skin. Have you tried our scar treatment, InviCible Scars? Your arm doesn’t need to be covered now, but you will always need to wear sunscreen over the scars.

  94. About three months ago I got a few burns from a lighter, and they are some what healed. Is there any way I can make them not noticeable??

  95. Hi my son burnt his face on a lamp 7 months ago, the burns experts said it wouldn’t scar and that it’s not that bad, but it’s still noticeable, and part of it has gone darker? The rest is almost his skin colour just a tad lighter am worried about this part that’s seem to have gotten slightly darker, do you know what has caused this and does that mean it will scar?

  96. Hi,

    I have a second degree burn on my face near the side of my mouth. This happened about 7 months ago, unfortunately it left a scar, i guess it was a very deep burn because it formed blisters, and the burn appeared very moist. Now, the scar is darker than the rest of my skin and is very noticeable. Any advice on what i should do to make it less noticeable?

    • Hi Bernice, utilize scar massage as you apply a scar cream. This will help soften the scar tissue near your mouth and the cream will help to fade the darkened skin. Also apply a dab of sunscreen as well to protect it from the sun.

  97. I was burned by gasoline on both arms legs face and neck they were full thickness third degree burns I’ve had several skin graphs my question is will my skin tone ever return to normal on my arms especially where my graphs are and my donor sites

  98. Hi my name isPaul and I burnt my left leg with hot tea will the mark go way or no n is it a second degree burn or no n some of the skin turn brown now

  99. i got a scar two days ago from my arm hitting the oven, i just scratched it and it started to leak and the skin came off. it is extremely painful and still continuing to leak a brown fluid. the skin is pink now. i thought it was a first-degree at first and put an ice pack on it, only to find just now that it is second degree (is it?) i dont mind if it scars, but how should i treat it so it doesn’t get infected, a bandaid? thanks.

  100. Hi I have burned myself about 3 yrs ago from a pressure cooker where hot water burned my skin it had turned pink now im left with white spots any suggestions on how to remove them?

  101. Hello,

    I was burned by a laser hair removal instrument on my chin and neck about 7-8 years ago. The scars haven’t gone away. I started using natural remedies that appeared to work, but I would sometimes stop treatment before seeing full results. If I remain consistant, how long would it take for a natural treatment to work on old scaring? Months or years? I think if I knew how long, I could possibly remain diligent, as procrastination and my work schedule seem to overtake me at times.

  102. Hi, I would really like some advice. I went to Hawaii 3 months ago and got a very bad sunburn on my lower legs from hiking I was wearing 3/4 pants, my ankles were very swollen and I had a lot of trouble standing and walking for about a week. It’s now been a little over 3 months and my legs are still very red with no improvement. I don’t have any pain though and i’ve tried steroid creams, flammazene, moisturizers and nothing seems to help. I’ve also visited several dermatologists and they all said it was very strange and not sure what it is. Has anyone had anything like this and will the redness go away or is it permanent?

  103. Mdleleni Maphata says

    Hi, I was burned by fire in the chest and neck left a pink colour,I can’t even wear a round neck t-shirts because people are loughing at me so how can I remove that scars its been 3yrs now pls help me

  104. Hi,
    I think I had a 2nd degree burn from a hookah lamp that had coals in it. (A friend had tried to move the hookah lamp and didn’t realize how heavy it was and a coal had spilled onto my thigh. We were sitting down). This was back on January 27th. I’ve used antibiotic cream, vitamin E oil, and neosporan. It healed. And now it’s been about 9 months and now Im using honey and Mederma every morning on it. It’s a circle of a pink color and a dark purple spot that seems to be fading.( I think)?? I’m wondering how much longer it will take for the pink circle spot scar that I think it is now to go back to my normal (olive colored) skin tone?? It’s in my thigh. So at least it’s not too visible to the public….

    I asked and they said it could take 18 months so that’s June of next year… ???

    I’ve only been to a patient first dr. back in February about it they had only said to use an antibiotic cream and bandaids. From what I remember.

    Will if ever go back to my normal skin color?? 🙁

    • Hi Kelsey, honey won’t do anything for your scar, so you should probably stop using it. If your skin is olive and the scar is a light pink, it’s unlikely it will return to your normal skin coloring. As for the dark purple spot, that has a posibility of fading. We agree that burn scars take a very long time to heal. We recommend using a scar cream high in stable vitamin C. Also, always wear sunscreen over this area when exposed to the sun, as UV rays can cause permanent redness to scar tissue.

  105. Hi
    I burnt my lower chin with steam and in a day it has turned to dark brown color. There is no pain but visible mark. Will it fade or will it leave a permanent mark on my face.

  106. Hey! Yesterday i got burnt from hot oil on my face, it leaves a small small black dot on my face will it diappear? It didn’t cause any blisters just black dot

    • Hi Barsha, it’s hard to say. Your body will go through the healing process, which means it is likely to shed the black dot of skin, however the new skin could also be the same color, red or your skin tone.

  107. Gud evening,
    I’m Medha, i got burnt with boiling caramel on my leg on 3rd August 2016.I got 2nd degree burnt, I have been using E45 cream and its over yet my scar is there, I used Bio oil still the same. I tried natural aloevera still the same . Now someone has brought Mederma Gel for me and i’m applying this too. The scar is pale pink . I heard that researchers are working on skin of Tilapia for burnt. I really dn’t knw wat to do. can u advise me plz, fanx

    • Hi Medha, We’re sorry to hear about your burn. Burns are tough to treat. Are you using anything that has silicone and Vitamin C? That’s your best bet. Not sure where you are writing from, but InviCible Scars can help with your burn scar. It’s available in the US and UK on Amazon.

  108. I have a second degree burn scar.its itchy and it gets red spots.why is it and what to do

  109. Hello, I got burnt with boiling water a week ago on a small spot on my foot. It doesn’t hurt at all but the spot has hardened and it became dark. Do you have any suggestions to get rid of that dark spot? (By the way I live in Mauritius so I don’t really have accessed to all products of the us/uk.)

  110. Hi there,

    I have white spots on my leg from a second degree burn. The spots are smooth and the burn is definitely healed. They honestly just look like sun spots. I wanted to know if there was something I can do to minimize the color or remove the spots if possible.

  111. Hello , i got burnt with hot water on the left side of my face last n8 and it became brown now what should i do for not to become a scar

    • Hi Sravani, be sure to apply a product like Neosporin until it has scabbed. Since it just happened, it will go through various stages still. Once the scab has fallen off (do not peel it off), then apply a vitamin C cream to help the scar fade.

  112. Sabrina Gorman says

    Hi, I was in a grease fire accident in my kitchen 5 days ago. I sustained 1st and 2nd degree burns which cover almost my entire face, left arm right hand, left side of my chest all down the stomach and my right foot. This by far has been the most excruciatingly painful experience of my life and I’ve endured open heart surgery and 4 major back surgeries. My questions are this….
    1. When will this intense pain let up since it seems to only get worse with each new day.
    2. Are the areas where my skin is white/black and totally numb actually 3rd degree and would that cause fingers to be possibly amputated?
    3. Will I ever fully healed from such an ordeal?
    4. What must I prepare myself for in regards to the scaring on my face? I’m not so much destroyed emotionally about the rest of my body as I have been lately with the horrendous sight of my reflection in the mirror. The swelling, scabs, skin tearing off, constant oozing and increased pain have me distraught and terrified.

    Thank you so much for any and all help here or response. I can’t express my gratitude right now for the slightest bit of help or encouragement.

    • Hi Sabrina, sorry to hear about your accident. Many of these questions should be asked of your dr. as only he/she knows the depth of how badly you were burned and your current health. Your dr. can also help you navigate the healing process, as well as anything that can help (such as skin graphs, etc.)

  113. I have light garlic burn mark on my forehead it has turned little black …
    any suggestions what to do ?

    • Hi Kanishk, please don’t use garlic to try to treat any facial issues, as it will burn the skin. If your skin tone is already brown/dark brown, then a black scar is hyperpigmentation. You will need to use a Vitamin C cream on it regularly for about 3 months to fade it.

  114. I got a garlic burn scar about 3 months ago. I avoided visiting the dermatologist thinking the scar will fade. But contrary it is still quite noticible. Can it still be treated? Should i finally go to a dermatologist?

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