Skin Care Tips for Acne Prone Skin

Skin Care Tips for Acne Prone Skin

Blemishes that seem to appear out of nowhere can be stressful. Individuals with a complexion that is prone to acne have likely tried every fad on the market to try to abolish it or diminish its appearance. If you face this problem on a regular basis, it is time to adjust the way you handle your complexion and follow some new rules for skin care.

Skin problems such as acne occur because of many factors. Your nutrition, your genetics, and even the weather can all play a role in your skin type and potential for acne. To keep your skin in a state of healthy condition, you should transition to a new skin care routine as soon as possible. This will decrease the chances of a breakout, clogged pores or even dry skin. There are many things that can be done to increase the health of one’s skin, and we’ve listed a few below:

Keep Your Hair Away From Your Face
You may be surprised to know that having your hair touching the sensitive skin on your face can be just as damaging as using skin care products that are inappropriate for your skin type. Those with an over-production of sebum at the scalp may find that their greasy hair strands are also contributing to clogged pores on the skin every time it comes into contact with it. Some ways to combat this is to wash your hair less frequently, as this helps balance out sebum production, and to use a weekly scalp treatment.

Hands Off!
Throughout the day you touch your face, either due to anxiety, adjusting your makeup or simply out of habit. However, this is a very bad habit for those who are prone to acne. Bacteria picked up by your hands can be transferred to your face. This occurs as you touch handles on doors, hard surfaces, your cell phone or other items. If you absolutely must touch your face, be sure to wash your hands before doing so. Additionally, squeezing pimples, white heads or picking scabs from acne should be avoided at all costs, as it damages the skin and may result in acne scars or further hyperpigmentation. Again, your dirty hands could result in further infection of your skin!

Get Plenty of Rest
The way you sleep can influence the state of your health and the condition of your skin. There may be nothing more damaging to your skin than a sleepless night. Your body needs time for recovery from the daytime activities that can exhaust you. In addition to your body recooperating each night, it’s best to change pillow cases frequently (if not daily, every few nights will do.) Your pillow case is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Wash Your Face
Which leads us to our next tip – washing your face before bed is a necessity! It removes the dirt and grime from the day, and if you are a woman, it removes all of the pore clogging makeup.

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Use Products for Your Skin Type
When you use skin care products appropriate for your skin type, it should balance your skin. If your skin remains oily or overly dry, then chances are, your skin care products are wrong for you. The wrong skin care products = problem skin. Don’t forget that toners, exfoliating the skin at least once a week and serums are a must!

You are more likely to have an outbreak of blemishes when you are under high amounts of pressure. To help reduce the appearance of acne, you must reduce the level of stress that you experience. You should also try to relax as often as you can. You can slow down the development of acne by using breathing techniques that will help to calm your nervous system.

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