What is Facial Scar Revision?

What is Facial Scar Revision?

People have facial scars for many different reasons. Earlier trauma, infection, surgery, and acne can all cause facial scars that can be unsightly and cause people to be unhappy with their appearance. Often, facial scars will heal naturally to a state that is hardly noticeable, especially when the individual uses available scar treatment methods such as a silicone-based gel that also contains other scar healing ingredients.

Sometimes, however, a scar will not diminish to a satisfactory level because it is especially severe and will not blend in well with the surrounding skin. This can be because of the direction in which the scar runs, irregularities with pigment, texture, or elevation problems, which will all make a scar much more noticeable. In these cases, facial scar revision may become necessary to achieve a more pleasing appearance.

There are several effective procedures for facial scar revisions. In many cases, the scar can be entirely removed and then re-sutured to achieve a thinner, controlled, more precise scar. Some scars cannot be removed easily, but these scars can be revised through different means. For example, depressions in the skin can be smoothed out or filled in using collagen injections. This is not a permanent solution, however, and will need to be repeated periodically. There are also other filler materials used for filling in depressed scars.

When scars are very large or contracted and pulling facial structures in unfavorable ways, they may require treatments that work by changing the position or orientation of the scar. Sometimes this can help the scar become hidden by facial structures or fall within existing lines or wrinkles. Laser skin resurfacing is another option that can be effective in many cases.
Which scar revision technique is chosen depends on the individual scar, and requires taking into account factors such as its size, shape, and location, as well as the age of the patient and the general condition of the skin.

It is important to realize that often, a scar revision procedure will produce a new scar. The new scar is a vast improvement over the old scar – the whole purpose of scar revision – but in order to maximize the desired result, it is important to take care of this new scar as it heals.

To ensure you get the attractive result you deserve, stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen over the scar any time you go outside, don’t smoke, get regular exercise, and get plenty of rest. Keep the area clean as it heals to avoid infection, and eat a healthy diet rich in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein to be sure you are getting all the best scar-healing nutrients available, such as vitamins A and C. Also look for a scar treatment product that contains ingredients known to improve the appearance of scars, like dimethicone silicone and Vitamin C.

There is no reason for a person to feel like he or she is stuck with an unsightly facial scar. If you have a scar that can’t be improved using self-treatment methods, see a dermatologist about the many effective methods of scar revision, and remember to take care of the resulting scar for the best results. You may just be amazed at how great your skin can look.

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