Take Our Quiz on Acne Do’s and Don’ts

Take Our Quiz on Acne Do’s and Don’ts

Quizzes are always fun so here goes… see how you do with this acne do’s and don’ts quiz:

1. What’s the recommended number of times to wash your face during the day?

2. What’s the best type of makeup to use if you have acne?

3. What happens to your acne if you go to sleep with makeup on?

4. How can you keep acne scars clean so they don’t become infected?

5. True or false:  Picking a scab improves healing and prevents scarring because it exposes the new skin underneath the scab.

6. How does aerobic exercise help improve acne scars?

7. Peroxide is often recommended for acne. Is this a good idea or not?

8. How vigorously should you scrub your face when you wash it?

9. What type of diet is best for someone with acne?

10. What’s one of the worst habits you could have if you want clear skin or to heal from acne scars?


1. Twice daily. If you wash only once, it’s not enough. If you wash three or four times a day, you risk removing some of the protective healthy oils found on the skin.

2. Non-comedogenic makeup.

3. Your acne could worsen because the makeup will clog the pores.

4. Wash them with anti-bacterial soap, but make sure that the soap isn’t too harsh on your skin.

5. False. Refrain from picking scabs since this can worsen scarring.

6. When you exercise, the oxygen level in the blood increases and then brings more oxygen to the acne scars. This can improve scar healing.

7. Using peroxide is not a good idea. Peroxide is a free radical that can harm healthy cells. It may be used as a ‘cleaner’ but not on the face and not on acne scars.

8. Not vigorously at all. Be gentle. This way you won’t contribute to creating more breakouts.

9. A diet that supplies the essential skin nutrients is best. You would want one high in vitamin C foods because vitamin C is essential for new skin synthesis. You’ll also need to eat foods high in copper and zinc, since these nutrients have been shown in the studies to soften scars. Also, make sure your diet contains enough protein which is also needed for creation of new skin.

10. Smoking. This habit decreases your vitamin C levels in the body so you have less vitamin C available for healing acne scars. It also decreases the amount of oxygen that gets to the skin.

How well did you do with the quiz? Were you surprised by any of the answers?

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  2. I’ve got few spots but one giant red inflamed spot bang in the middle of my forehead . What do I do

    • Hi Milly, do you have active acne breakouts? If you do you could try a skin care routine with Salicylic acid or glycolic acid. If the spot is a red scar, then we recommend a scar cream plus sunscreen, daily.

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