How Does Vitamin C Improve Scars?

How Does Vitamin C Improve Scars?

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins that you can get for a strong and healthy body. You probably already know about the many nutritional benefits that Vitamin C can provide you with, including a boosted immune system and a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease. However, what many people don’t know is just how crucial Vitamin C can be to one’s ability to heal from injuries, which include scars.

Vitamin C can have numerous benefits on scars when properly formulated for use on the skin. First of all, it can have a huge effect on scar pigmentation, and can be one of your best tools in helping to fade scars, regardless of the type of scars that you have. Not only does Vitamin C in general help to promote healing, but it also has a strong antioxidant effect on the body.

This is crucial when it comes to scar healing and scar depigmentation, because the free radicals that Vitamin C helps to combat are the same ones that can cause severe and permanent cellular damage to your skin. It has been shown to be incredibly effective in helping to fade acne scars in particular, but can be useful for all scars on all parts of the body as well. The ability of Vitamin C to protect the body and boost the immune system is also important in helping to avoid additional irritation, inflammation, and potential infection of a healing wound, which can make a developing scar drastically worse.

Vitamin C doesn’t just have an effect on the pigmentation of scars, though. One of the biggest problems that many individuals face when it comes to the treatment of their scars, whether old or new, is the fact that though they are able to help fade their color, they are unable to reduce their size. Healthy collagen production is necessary to reduce the size and appearance of scarring overall, and that is something that Vitamin C can play a big role in, as this vitamin is essential in the collagen production that is required to formulate healthy connective tissue in a wound.

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But overall, one of the most important things to know is that Vitamin C plays an important role in wound healing, a medical fact that has been known since the early part of the twentieth century. In addition to ensuring that you are getting enough Vitamin C in your diet on a regular basis, it may also be important to begin using a topical Vitamin C scar treatment on your scars as quickly as possible after an injury or the development of a scar in order to see the best possible results.

It’s easy to see just how important Vitamin C is to the healing, fading, and even prevention of scars. Its effect is unparalleled when it comes to treating scars, as it can meet many of the most basic needs of those individuals who are looking to reduce their appearance. Just remember – your body naturally loses Vitamin C over time, so be sure you are getting enough Vitamin C in your diet and that you are using a topical scar treatment that contains Vitamin C in order to properly heal any scarring.

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  2. Janice Melvin says:

    What type of vitamin C to buy like 5000 mg. I just know that my face is getting dark so I want something that work fast I don’t have bumps.

  3. Scar on my face says:

    Hello, I have scars problem on my face because of acne since 2013 until now, 2015.. Right now I have been consuming redoxon as my vitamin c supplement.. I would like to know if there any other solution to fasten the treatment.. And I also have to drink a cup of coffee daily.. I’m doubt about caffeine could vanish the vitamin c that I have consumed.. Thank you for your support and answers.. Sorry for my bad English

    • Hello – caffeine will not fade your scar. However, you’re on the right track when it comes to Vitamin C. You should be both applying it topically, like with InviCible Scars (17% Vitamin C) and as part of your daily diet. Fading scars takes time and patience – there is no quick or easy way.

  4. Hello, i have a scar/stitch marks on my face under eye, so, plz can u tell me how can i remove that mark , the mark is since nov 2013.

  5. I had surgery yesterday, I have an incision on my cheek that looks like a wishbone 1″ on one side and 2″ on the other side. When should I start with the cream and should I be taking by mouth now and if so how much? I will ask my doctor next week too. Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Cathy, before applying any topical scar treatment, wait until the wound has healed and the stitches have come out. What you eat also plays a large role in your scar healing, so make sure to eat lots of fruits and veggies with Vitamins A and C, zinc and copper. Once the dr gives you the all clear to begin using a scar treatment, firmly massage your incision for about 2 minutes while applying the cream. This will help the scar to soften and not be bumpy.

  6. Stephanie Torres says:

    Hi, I have a c section scar now and was wondering what could help to reduce the scar like what kind of vitamin c ?

  7. Hello!
    Vitamin C to improve and lighten scars, but what if your scar hypopigmented and is white? Will Vitamin C or anything else help that? Or will the C make it even lighter?
    Thanks very much.

  8. I am a chef and I have a lot of scars on the top and bottom of my wrists…they are not pretty and strangers look at me as if I hurt myself ! would this product help fade the scars ?

  9. hiii. . m javvy.. nd my problem is i was have some pimples nd i have scar nd marks after pimple.. i want to remove nd fade my pimple marks nd scar.. plz tell me how…

  10. My son Burnt his face on a lamp it’s been 3 months now & it healed great n was healing good until recently it’s gone red & bumpy? From Almost being invisible what would you recommend plz

  11. Will Invincible work on a grey scar that is 5 months old from a cut?

  12. Christian Guerrero says:

    Hi I have a brand new acne scar on my face that I just got two days ago and I’ve been taking vitamin C orally is that still going to give me the same results as applying it directly?

  13. Hello. I have had shingles on the forehead for eight weeks. Have a scar right at the center of forehead. Still have a rash in other spots of forhead. What can I do to fade this away?! I’m desperate

    • Hi Nicholas, you’ll need to wait until the rash and blistering has completely stopped. You can then apply a scar treatment over this area, and additionally, sunscreen to prevent further redness. Have you tried our scar therapy? InviCible Scars. If you go to our Amazon listing and look at the reviews, there is someone who wrote a review for using it successfully on shingles scars.

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